Life is not good

I just received this video from a romanian animal rescuer. She was on her way to work, when she detected those hungry thrown away puppies. She always carries a bit of dry dog food with her. But she became tired and frustrated. And she says it. I so understand her. People are so superficial and egoistc. Uncaring. Irresponsible. Lets be direct. Arseholes.

I wonder where those helpers still find their energy. But as she said, she got tired. I wish I could help.

PS: I forgot bbad isn’t able to manage videos in mp4-format. Therefore no video.

Over 1 million USD medical bills. Going to the ER here is a big mistake for foreigners.

I finally got covid…after 30 months.

Fever, chills, aches, some lung stuff and sneezing.

Throat is ok. Haven’t lost taste.

I somehow missed this thread. Totally depressing.

Get well soon, Dan. Your vaccines will probably make it less severe.

more time to watch the sandman and house of the dragon series :wink:


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Thank you both. I’m still alive. Tylenol is my friend. I didn’t have a brain yesterday for sandman, but should be able today. I’m catless in the bedroom.

Taste is gone but so is fever/aches.

You’re on the mend it seems.

Glad I’m not homeless. This would be awful without a fan/ac.

Best wishes, Dan. So far I‘ve been lucky. My house mate (not vaccinated) got Covid 2 times already, while I (3 times vaccinated) didn’ t catch it yet. And this despite we didn‘t desinfect or even cleaned the door knobs.


I just tested negative. I was allowed to work this weekend, even though I was weak. I think I had every symptom associated with covid at a different time for 1 day each. I had a groggly voice but no sore throat at all. I stayed in bedroom for 5 days and my wife never got it. Today is her first day of school, lol.

I don’t think I’ll feel normal for another week. My electrolyes seem off. Guessing low potassium.

I played online chess which I never do, but no chess club for me lately. I played as poorly as someone with covid would. Probably dropped 200 pts. I did play well in 1 game.


Good to read you’re on the mend. Hopefully fine in a while. Vaccines work.

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ah nice… all better now? :wink:

Close enough :).

Wow! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

I slept for 3 days when I got it back in February. All four of us got it. The kids rebounded within 2 days (no fever, aches or anything after 2 days). Hubby and I were out of it for 5. He has other health issues and was still feeling the effects of it 1-2weeks after testing negitive.

Oldest caught it a 2nd time, but the rest of us didn’t.

They are starting school on Tuesday and going to a new school, so it will be interesting to see how it all works out this year.

Thank you!

Reflecting, I never normally would have dreamed such a thing could happen after a vaccine and to have it happen twice is bizarre. What’s more bizarre is that you’re probably the healthiest person here.

I’m sorry for the confusion of my post. This was the first time that I know I had covid. I didn’t have it 30 months ago. Although it was around.

I don’t know if the vaccine helped me. My booster was 11 months ago, so hard to say. I’ve been sicker. It was only in my lungs one day. I never felt scared.

I caused the confusion. I was just reflecting on a time in early 2020 before Covid was officially in the United States, when you were extremely sick. I remember it because I was sick for 2 full weeks around the same time.

That’s true. We had an antibody test then and it came back negative. Who knows.