Life is good


I agree! Looks like fun fun!


7 hours plus 3 hours of driving, total.


I wish I could join.


7…Taking long strides and few breaks? What did you carry?


Probably more than I should have. 6 bottles of water. 3 apples. Nuts. Extra clothes. We had a decent pace. 7 hours is about normal for that hike with that elevation gain. Especially considering how wet it was.



I doubt I’m up to a 7 hour hike up a mountain. One or two hours would be plenty. lol.


:joy::joy::joy: softy!


I think it would be great fun all day but I agree, that would be a challenge.


O2 Trainer #13 hole. Try that at the gym or a treadmill and it doesn’t take long until you are on truth level to actual physical fitness and workload. The #14 is going to be ridiculous but I can go indefinitely in bed right now, or take a full shower. A lot of pressure difference, a lot of vacuum. And much more sensitive to freeloading.


Thanks for sharing, Dan! I think I’ll go test my strength against a 9 year old child in the Arbuckles.


Do you have mountains? I’ve never been to Oklahoma. I liked Tennessee. I’ve been to fayetteville Arkansas and Branson Missouri. Nice mountains in Tennessee. Nh has nice mountains. Not huge, so they are doable for non experts. I think there are 48 4000 footers in nh and 67 total in new England. The highest is 6288 feet, so the northwest calls that a hill. Its actually an easy hike. Tons of people. Open. Can’t get lost, but it has poor weather and poor views.


Arbuckle Mountains but we’ve been getting inundated with rain for weeks so Turner Falls was closed. They are nothing like Colorado mountains. Maybe a few hundred feet. I haven’t been here since I was a child. But I did hit some easy trails today and I found out I can keep up with 9 year olds.


I hiked with my nephew when he was 9 and niece at 7. Amazing. I figured they’d burn out, but the 7 and 9 year olds never seemed to tire. They are 16 and 14 now, so I’m guessing they are too cool to hike with me.


I took my granddaughter. Little did I know she was plotting against me. The only place she wanted to hike too was a hotel with a swimming pool. So within the first 3 minutes she took me up some stone steps. Little did she know I would chase her lazy little ass up those steps and down the next lol. Surprised her and me both. :joy: I thought I went to test my strength but really chasing her was what the trip was for. And after I chased her 3 trips up and down those stones she turned and said, “Ready to go?” lol