Jamal Khashoggi


I look forward to hearing Gina Haspel’s assessment but the world should not expect MbS or really anyone linked to him to hold themselves responsible.
Imho, that is not typical behavior! And that’s a shame because without a confession it is unlikely culpability will be placed on anyone.

Edit to add: I recently read Saudi Arabia may cut oil production. The timing is interesting and I do wonder if it’s meant to distract headlines from the truth about Khashoggi.
So much deception!


This is funny! :grimacing:
I just looked up deception and it led me to a word I just have no clue how to use. The word is subterfuge! I just know one of you can help me with it.


Trumps appointment of Whitaker to AG was a subterfuge intended to stop the Mueller investigation. Trickery, deceit, all the usual stuff that Trump does.


Yes Dan. The world was totally distracted by that tournament. Damn those chess tournaments!


Thank you, Will!
For the record, at least Trump has no craven bone in his body nor does he possess a pusillanimous spirit like so many on the Left demonstrate with every empty word they speak.


I think 5 draft defferals tell a different story.


The subterfuge of the donor was exposed by the centrifuge, which showed he gave more coffee than blood.


It demonstrates his pusillanimity, too.


That’s your problem! Have you tried spontaneity?

Thank you, Mark! I do believe I am beginning to understand the subterfuge of those around me.


spontaneity without thinking is your domain…


Again, don’t knock it, Mr Rogers!


Wait! I haven’t taken my shoes off yet.


Too late, OldTimer! Perhaps you should have let your hair down first.


The Saudis want to kill off 5 minions to protect MBS. They have again changed their story. Now it’s a sedative overdose. lol.


Hmm muslim law forbids any hitting to the face or private parts,and if any hitting at all very lightly or with a light object like a hat etc. but I am not sure if that scripture applies strictly to women. So he was strangled only and dismembered?


I wonder what the recording of Khashoggi receiving an injection sounds like.


Someone missed the memo.


I wonder if the Saudis realize what clowns they look like to the rest of the world. Changing their story every day to suit their current lie. No other word leader would…oh wait…never mind.





Saudi Arabia just denied the report. Probably a good move. Best move for them is to deny and take no responsibility at all. Hope it goes away.