Jamal Khashoggi


Echo! We just did this the other day about Iran/Persia.

What invasion in Yemen? The one you are about to offer me proof of?


Don’t be silly, Michele.

They also almost attacked Qatar but Tillerson stopped them.

The Saudis are as war mongering as US Republicans.

Yes, you were wrong then and are wrong again now. Like really absurdly wrong. It’s like describing a war between the Navajo and Cherokee in the 1400s as a US invasion. Idiotic.


Yes I know the drill. You’re right and I’m wrong. And I’m also done talking to you.


I doubt that.


You know you’ll be back. As much as you hate it, so do you love it.


As are other acts of violence. He can read pretty words off the teleprompter but can’t stop himself from launching into another tirade. Dangerous.


Eight more days, Will. Eight more days. I hope your nation does what’s right.


I hope so and think they want to but there is election fraud rampant across the country so I just hope for the best. Sick of it all. Waiting for election day.


Imagine how much better your country would look if W hadn’t stolen the 2000 election with fraud and Al Gore had been president.


If we lose, I’m sure we are heading into fascism.


I wish I could disagree but I don’t. Fingers crossed for next week.


Yes that famous “one time only” supreme court selection of a president.


From the link: The Turkish statement said: “In accordance with plans made in advance, the victim, Jamal Khashoggi, was choked to death immediately after entering the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia.” His body was then dismembered and destroyed - “again, in line with advance plans”, it added.

That’s kinda like a fist fight.

The Saudis are like Trump. Truth is whatever is currently coming out of their mouths, and if they said something totally different yesterday that doesn’t matter, you are to accept whatever is currently coming out of their mouth as truth.


Then it doesn’t seem like there would be much to hear on the tape the Turks say they have. Scuffle, gurgle, flop.


This is the problem. The Turks are as big a set of liars as the Saudis and Trump.


This case is falling out of the news. It’s looking like Saudi Arabia is going to get away with it. I am disgusted but not at all surprised. Trump will undoubtedly invite MBS to the White House soon.


The two groups in the world that hate Bezos: Trump and the Saudis. Friends indeed.


This case has now fallen totally out of the news. The Saudis have gotten away with this murder.


That chess tourney came in just in time for saudi Arabia?


Turkey released the tapes today.