Jamal Khashoggi


Oh well I was trying to ignore the bullshit.


Then You’re in the wrong place.


I know


Now this is interesting. It seems Jamal Khashoggi is not the first man murdered by MBS. He even kills off his own family when he deems it convenient for them to die.


Says something about jared Kushner too.


Sounds like Kim Jung Un.


I don’t mean to come across as holier than anyone. Canada has a horrible record on the middle east and we’re in no position to lecture anyone. That said, Canada is taking the correct position on Saudi Arabia and even though it’s costing us some cash, we’re standing up to them. I hope the Orange Idiot grows a pair but I’m not holding out much hope.


Mushrooms don’t bear fruit.


Well, um, holy excrement. Britain apparently knew of the Saudi plot to murder Khashoggi three weeks before and they begged the Saudis not to do it. It also now seems clear he was murdered because he was about to release details of Saudi Arabia’s use of chemical weapons in Yemen.

The Saudis are pigs and I would support the UN doing some regime change there. I might even go along with some ethnic cleansing of Wahhabis.


Chemical warfare expert Col Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said: “We have already seen in Syria that nothing is as effective as chemical, weapons in clearing urban areas of troops and civilians - Assad has used phosphorous for this very reason.

Unless you have factual evidence I must assume this is media speculation.


Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons is not logical. He had already won.

The Saudi’s use of chemical weapons makes perfect sense (if you have no decency which they don’t).

Both are media speculation. The use of chemical agents in both places is not speculation (both have been proven conclusively) but we don’t know for a fact who did it in either case.

Khashoggi’s murder is not media speculation. He is dead. All sides admit this. All the evidence (and there is plenty) points to a Saudi premeditated hit and cover up.


Because it makes sense? I’ve never heard you argue that way before.


Read, Michele. I said yes, it is media speculation at this point.


And I’m not arguing against Khashoggi’s death. I believe they killed him.


Yes I read that


So yes, then. It is media speculation at this point that the Saudis are the ones guilty of the chemical attacks in Yemen. It seems that Khashoggi was about to make that fact, not speculation, but we’ll never know what evidence he had now. Unfortunate.

It is not media speculation that the Saudis murdered him, and I hope they are destroyed for that. I actually hope they are destroyed for 85 years of brutal totalitarian rule full of oppression and murder but if this is what topples them, I’ll take it.


And you wonder why Saudi Arabia wants this arms deal and a ballistic missile radar.


There’s no question why Saudi Arabia wants it. There’s huge question why the US deals with these thugs.


The Saudis want arms and a radar because Iranians want to destroy them. Let’s not question why Russia supports them tho.


The Saudis want arms and a radar because they’re a bunch of Islamist thugs. Iran has never invaded anyone in their history. Saudi Arabia is currently involved in an invasion of Yemen.