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I admit, it does appear deliberate but there hasn’t been an investigation into how it happened so…innocent until proven guilty, right?
Someone must have prematurely pulled a trigger. That’s what I choose to believe until I read something different.

Michele, who cares if it was deliberate? “Oopsie my bad” works if you accidentally step on someone’s foot, not if you murder 7 aid workers.

Murder implies you think it was deliberate. Should we just assume the IDF was making sport of the humanitarians? Perhaps they were just target practicing and Oopsie, 7 humanitarians stood on the target. I bet the IDF does that all the time.

Michele, there was OBVIOUSLY an intent to kill a lot of people. You don’t aim missiles at people you don’t want to kill. The only question is whether Israel got it right about who those people were. I personally don’t care at all. If they killed innocent people in error, it’s 2nd or 3rd degree murder. Nobody sane questions whether there was an intent to kill.

EDIT from ChatGPT: If the perpetrator planned to kill a specific person, carried out actions with the intention to kill, and then mistakenly killed someone else instead, it could still be considered first-degree murder. The key factors are the premeditation and specific intent to kill, which are hallmarks of first-degree murder. The fact that the perpetrator ended up killing someone other than the intended target does not diminish the intent or preplanning attributed to their actions. This is under the doctrine of “transferred intent,” where the perpetrator’s intent is transferred from the intended victim to the actual victim.

I don’t care either if it was intentional.

My guess is whomever ordered it, didn’t care either. Probably wasn’t on purpose, but probably didn’t care enough to check. Maybe it was on purpose. It won’t be possible to know. I don’t care if it was on purpose. Sorry doesn’t work.

Anytime there’s a question of intent, there’s an investigation, Reg, and there may be one soon but you can’t be jumping to conclusions until a report is released on who pulled the trigger and what caused them to pull the trigger. Also, if there was intent, there was an order delivered from higher up in the chain of command. Also, there are dates. If it was premeditated, when did they begin plotting their nefarious agenda. You get started on that investigation, Reg lol. Let us know when you find those facts.

Sure, but that implies that they were lying in wait to ambush them.

Hahahaha…you’re so funny sometimes. Where’s your proof? Did you bring that with you?

I care. I really want to know if they killed humanitarian workers deliberately. At this point, I’m not convinced but should that evidence be released I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong about the IDF, Israeli government and Benjamin Netanyahu but there has to be some kind of proof of that.

Michele, I’m not jumping to any conclusions. Israel admitted pulling the trigger and apologized. I don’t care about their apology. As I said earlier, “oopsie my bad” doesn’t work for mass murder.

It implies nothing of the sort. In fact it implies nothing at all. It states, very clearly, that if you intended to kill one group but accidentally killed another, you are still a murderer.

God Michele, don’t you get tired of looking foolish? Read: Transferred intent - Wikipedia

So Michele, if Israel thought the aid workers were Hamas militants and they killed them all, would that be ok in your twisted mind?

It doesn’t work for one murder.

I know what it states, Reg. The implication doesn’t fall on the stated intent. It falls in your premature assumption. You are speculating.

Don’t you get tired of pointing out my flaws?

Isn’t that what they thought?

I love these Jews. So much respect.

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WCK is calling for an independent investigation, which I do support. If Israel deliberately killed those humanitarians and then they get away with it, they will kill again. If they get away with it they will get bolder and more confident that they can kill whomever they so choose as often as they want, every day. They will be completely out of control and the United Nations will have to intervene. I’m completely against any intervention by the United Nations.
The UN needs to mind their business but if Israel doesn’t open an investigation I’m certain the UN will bring their little army in and start shooting. It is highly unlikely anyone will open an investigation into their righteous conduct.
We can all assume if they kill anyone, it is the righteous thing to do, they must need to die and it would be pointless to question that because they are not ever going to investigate themselves or confess their own crimes against humanity nor will they have to justify their reasoning. Then the future of the world will be under UN surveillance and control with no accountability for daily slaughters so nobody can rise up and ask, why have you spent all those days, weeks, months or years killing innocent civilians. It will be understood that it was for the greater good. See how this works? If we don’t get to the truth that’s what’s going to happen.

Israel’s investigation found that military officials took matters into their own hands and made bad judgement calls when one officer thought they saw a gun over the shoulder of one of the aid workers. As the surviving workers escaped to the next vehicle the IDF fired a missile at it and some escaped to the third vehicle. Unfortunately, they kept shooting. Two of five were dismissed.

Below is a more detailed article.

Israel never seems to do forever wars. This time might be different.

Tengo respeto por España!

Spain may be a little depraved. Their demands are as dumb as their two-state solution. When Is Spain going to demand answers for the October 7 massacre?

For the first time, I see Netanyahu for what he really is. No feelings or compassion for his country or humanity and he’s turning Israel into a trans human state. Not at all how I used to view him.

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