Michele, there’s a little down arrow in the definition you searched for.


If you click it, you will see some additional definitions that match exactly what the Palestinians face.



By that definition, slaves are global. The only way I can process this differently is to see it with my own eyes.


Indeed, although few face slavery as blatant as that faced by Palestinians.


I’m stunned by this. Israelis are far more open minded about gays than I had thought.


That’s right! There are other open-minded people besides yourself in the world.


How do you feel about gays coming to Oklahoma, Michele?

And I’m less open minded than you think. I would defend the rights of gays to move anywhere they choose, but I wouldn’t pretend to celebrate if Vancouver’s gay population increased significantly in size.


Who am I to judge them? I do not care where they live. I’m not going to their parade but I don’t object to them having one either.


That’s interesting. I don’t like the parade. Why are they shutting down my city for a day to celebrate bumsex? It’s seriously inconvenient here every year. You can’t drive anywhere downtown. I also don’t support most sports parades or the silly Irish parade either.


You’re a real fun fun kind of guy aren’t ya.