This is a wonderful thing. I hope it turns into a movement.

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On topic.

Not really on topic but a good reason to flee Islam.

The thing I don’t get about Muslims is why they turn violent so easily. I could burn a Bible in the middle of the US Bible Belt and people might call me an asshole but they wouldn’t physically attack me. If this guy wants to burn a Qu’ran, who cares? Why turn violent? Why attack him?

I like it. The Dutch are among the most innovative in the world. Since they care nothing about God or religion, perhaps they will discover the next van Gogh through their competitive mockery.

I wonder how Thinki is doing.

I wonder if he wonders how we are doing.

I’m sure he does, but not enough to visit. He never did forgive me for calling the Asshelmets a cancer a decade ago. I’ve never regretted doing so. I doubt we’ll ever see him here again.

You do have a special ability with pushing people away.


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A narcissist trait.

Why are you hiding? Did Truth jump out and backhand your stupid ass.

I went to sleep, a fairly normal thing to do at 3 am. Having failed to stay asleep, I came back.

Narcissism is, among other things, the opinion that whenever someone steps away from their computer for perfectly normal activities, they are hiding.

Are you calling me a narcissist, Reg?


You are right probably because of my superiority.

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I don’t understand thinki’s affection for the asshelmets. I wonder if he is old.

About my age if I recall correctly. Perhaps a bit younger.

doing ok as always thank you;)