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Numbeo sent me this by email. The most expensive countries in the world to live in.

Top 10 Cost of Living Index
Bermuda 146.04
Switzerland 123.35
Norway 100.90
Iceland 94.86
Barbados 92.37
Jersey 92.02
Israel 88.05
Denmark 84.12
Bahamas 84.00
Singapore 83.98

Source: Cost of Living Index by Country 2022

I would have thought Singapore, but I knew Norway was up there.

I am thrilled to see Colombia as a dark green country. It’s cheap there. I love it.

By the way, Colombia just got rid of all its investor visas. They don’t want rich westerners going there and driving up the prices. It’s brilliant.

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i wonder if norway would be up there if their price of alcohol wasnt that high :wink:

it goes without spaying that it is needless to sway

if i do slay so myself
it needed to be staid

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