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I do remember. I did ask and you did answer and I do remember. You should be truthful about what you believe.

1 John 4: 8

His precious Word tells us we were made in His image. I choose to believe He is Love. As an image of God you may choose hate. It is your prerogative.


I like the song, even though I like the WBC songs better and even though the guy appearing in this song in a pink shirt is kind of “curious”.
I agree on the message. He did say fags “straight” away and not “person with homosexual drives”.
Everybody is tempted. Some are tempted by vain pursuits, superficiality, others consumption, others by slutty and whorish dressing, others by being attracted to a married woman, others by money and yes some others by homosexual drives.
It is up to each and every one to overcome these bad habits and drives and live a life closer to biblical standards and not to become a “gay” fag. It might be a choice and a temptation. And it can be controlled just as any “normal” guy can control himself not to rape a woman and a woman can control herself not to be a slut. Giving in to temptation usualy ends up in desaster.

…and by the way: statistics on AIDS tell me: GOD HATES FAGS.


I agree with everything you said, Daniel, up to this point.

I have been in the same area with these people and they are different. They believe that God hates Soldiers and idk even what all but it’s out there. Their behavior is disrespectful at every fallen soldier funeral they attend. AIDS is a consequence of the sin not an expression of God’s feelings for man.


Psalm 11:5 - “The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth .”


So true, Reg.


Which makes this video appropriate.


I think this is better left alone


Work it out amoungat yourselves. I’m going to Colorado.


Buen viaje!


I love Colorado.


It is a very beautiful place.


Some of that is harsh and in need of facts before judgement but not unexpected.


I lived in Boulder for a year in my youth. Went back to Estes Park a few years ago with my son for a pot vacation.


That doesn’t sound good Wil. When I think of pot in North America I think of an old dull kitchen pot being filled with Gravy Train dry dog food and hot water being added. Early memories of dry dusty earth and feeling so low to the ground. I remember the dogs too, not mine, they were redbone hounds like in the book Where the Red Fern Grows. They use the term red bone coonhound for that breed in akc or something.


My hubby works up there. East of 25 I think. I rarely drive north of Trinidad and why would I. It is breathtaking here.


She was very beautiful and I miss her everyday. :sleepy:


Who was that?


Carla Jo


She could have been a model but she chose a different life. Some called her a slut but she was my best friend and I thought she was amazing.