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Michele and Daniel, do you agree with this? I’m pretty sure I know what everyone else here thinks. lol.

I actually begin to wonder if this is satire. I can’t tell.

I don’t think it is. Just more of God’s sweet love.

I disagree that God hates fags but I don’t believe the Love of God dwells in people who commit these acts.

It is an abomination. I’m sorry, I know that is not the right answer to people.

Isn’t the Bible clear? Homosexuals seem to be the very definition of “workers of iniquity” from what I can see.

Psalm 5:5 “The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.”


All sin and fall short, Reg. It’s why we need Jesus.

Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
Psalms 32: 1

The Bible is clear to me. :smirk:
You, Reg, are a worker of iniquity. Why do you label them “workers of iniquity” and not yourself?

Yes, I agree, by the Biblical definition, I am a worker of iniquity and, quite clearly as stated, God hates me.

By the Bible verse above, as I see it, God also very clearly hates homosexuals.

This again calls into question why you state you don’t believe he hates gays.

Because antiquity is ANY sin, not just homosexuality. That would mean God is against all of us. GET IT?

It’s why Jesus came

To take on sin

Because God is Holy and cannot look upon sin.

But if He came as a man and walked as a man without blemish, He could become a perfect Sacrifice.

Nailing sin to the cross for the world.

But He can’t save a guiltless world

Ok, but if you reject Jesus as I have, and as homosexuals have, and you remain a worker of iniquity, is it not clear that God hates us?

No one innocent here tho

Well first, I don’t reject Jesus at all.

But yes a worker of iniquity God is against