Interesting Case

Another interesting case.

This is another interesting case. I am no fan of Israel and I despise Netanyahu, but I don’t see how you can charge a guy with giving his opinion to people. Perhaps there are details I don’t know about.

Let me see if I have this right.

You must verbally state that you are racist, apart from a hate-filled act, to be considered a racist but verbally influencing someone, apart from harboring a fugitive, in an active case is not considered interference? That’s strange because every word from Trumps mouth is considered interference, collusion and obstruction. So I would ask why you are so readily dismissing this ministers words as harmless? Surely you are not one of those weird leftist clowns that actually believes one man can say no right thing and every word that proceeds from his mouth is racist. No man is perfect, Reg, but no man is completely imperfect either. If you actually buy into that(and I think you do), I know a, friendly and generous with his time, person that you should probably go see because…
This is what’s mentally wrong with you.

Incorrect grammar. Should read - “I know a person, friendly and generous with his time, that you should probably go see.”

Why, thank you, friendly and generous with your time, person.

Last comma should be deleted. Still the wording is awkward. In any case, you’re welcome.

You’re awkward.

Aiiii! Ad hominem attack. Psyphilus will not stand for this fallacy.

You made me this way. Live with it.

I can’t be responsible for any of your actions.

My actions? These are words we are dealing with here and you should hold yourself responsible because you shaped me in your image. Be a Holywood Leftist and glorify yourself for it.

You give me too much credit (or blame). You’re a big girl, take responsibility for yourself.

Nonsense! You TAKE credit.

Poor Michele. You need someone to blame for your problems. I am nothing but words on a screen. Blame Youtube or 8chan or Fox or any of those other places you hang out. Now I have spent way too much of my valuable time on this puny pity party of yours. Good day.

lol seeyatomorrow

That’s worth a “don’t do it again”, not a firing.

I went back and forth. If she was my employee I’d want to fire her. However. Where is she going to work? She seems to have the perfect personality for airport security.

When I had my data center, if I fired everyone who did stupid crap like that I’d have been working alone.

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