Instrumental music

I love the Zither instrument in it‘s variant forms. And here‘s an example why.


Nice topic Gunda.


I hated the first one but loved the second. It’s too intense to just leave on in the background but it’s very dramatic and evocative of a very different culture and time.

I didn’t like the veggie orchestra. At one point I thought the last trumpet sounded and I was left behind.

I’m surprised you like this. It’s almost like 70s metal. I hate it, myself.

Admittedly I prefer the accordion and the trumpet parts the most and indeed dislike the metal guitar.

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That was brilliant. Asians on Zither covering western music is brilliant in general. This is my favourite, which I expect you’ll hate. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I barely like rap music, except some pieces, for example by RunDMC or Eminem.

This is so wonderfully played. Zither is so underappreciated and nearly unknown to most people.

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It was unknown to me. It doesn’t get much, if any, exposure in the US. Pretty calming music though.

Over here as well. But I like it‘s sound and it‘s calmness.

Another very calm Zither piece. Pure soul massage. I love it. I so hope, this Zither virtuose eventually publishes his version of Pachelbels Canon. There are a handful on YouTube, but mostly with a 5 chord Zither, which isn‘t as beautiful.

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I love it too. Very pretty.

To play some piece more soulful isn‘t possible.

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