If it is selling it's hair

to feed starving orphans and widows
how come it still has some to be oh so very proud of?
and why are widows and orphans still hungry?
maybe it needs to update its avatar
or maybe it rubs the lotion on its hair
i don’t know
but i can guess

see what i did there?
with the apostrophe in it’s
i crack myself up
i don’t always have a plan

poor moonie

Oh billy is searching the archives now. Dig deep Billy, you will never get deeper than I got down your mothers throat.

typing now aintcha?

I am now

you typed it to me motherfucker
did you think i would forget?

oh my, name calling

are you angry now billy?

man you are a moron
just so you know i think that

now you have really hurt my feelings. I may have to go piss on you mothers grave again. her jaws should have separated by now.

are you cursing out loud?

From what you’ve said here, even Ky didn’t wanna fuck you.