Hollywood favors one drug. That is adrenochrome because aging is such an important issue to them and they know they won’t get work if they don’t fight old age at every turn. I’m sure cocaine and ecstasy are heavily circulated in Hollywood also.

Divisive Dunce

My favourite German satirist, Loriot aka Victor von Bühlow. Some German tv sender celebrated his 100th birthday with a whole evening about him and his art. I admire him personally for his character as well as his art. He was a fine man.

He also made many cartoons. Loriot speaks both his characters, as usual in his cartoons. This one is about the communication problems between a couple. Both have only positive intentions, and yet it ends negative.:rofl:

Its so funny. I can’t count how often I watched this cartoon and other stuff by him, but it never gets boring. :laughing:

Another famous, maybe even his most famous work, is about the “stone louse”, which even found entry in the #1 German medical dictionary, the Pschyrembel.

Heres the video. As he imitates a famous tv animal documentation biologist, he looks and speaks like Dr. Bernhard Grzimek. Which had a little strange way to speak.

He’s been train to nod yes while saying no lol.

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Watch where you walk. Karma is often instant these days lol.

I fast forwarded to the end. She won. She can’t be that bad. lol.

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lol :woman_shrugging:



Maybe I didn’t hear it, but did he say why that woman called him and his people stupid or was that just out of the blue? The way he responded was hilarious.

I post this under the „Humor“ thread, as I don‘t want to start overly pessimistic into this new year. Berlin politicians and German media sells it as good news, that Berlin faced it‘s second worst Silvester riots in history by stocking up police force from 1.000 to 4.000. Germans got so used to lower their expectations into their own country. This attitude explains a lot.


lol thanks a lot reg, slowly making people gay; i have a newly found respect for you!

Gross. Hopefully that was shared to mostly Dutch and German readers.

lol Core Curriculum, this was Obama’s pet project that he profited from with the publisher of his book.