Any closer and that would not have been so entertaining.

This belongs in “humor” because you just can’t make it up. I am still trying to understand her thought process, especially about his official response to the game.

I spent this afternoon with watching Americans and a Scot watching German comedy/stand up comedy.

I posted several videos here from Loriot, and certainly also this one. That American certainly doesn‘t get all the fun stuff, as the highly formal language used gets all lost by just translating. Nevertheless, I enjoy his reaction, lol.

Oh I love he detected Das Wunderland! His reaction on the vulcano and the „earthquake“, lol. „Oh God forbid if this was in America.“ :rofl:

Even I missed the opening of the new world of Patagonia. The Drake passage is awesome!

I am not a fan of cars, but one guy made it fun even for me to watch and appreciate certain car racing videos. Walter Röhrl. What fascinates me are his background stories. I didn‘t know he also drove for a non-German car manufacturer. I only knew him as an Audi Quattro and Porsche driver. That is why I watched this video by Clarkson.

Walter Röhrl, probably the best car driver in the world, for which the Formula 1 is a Childrens birthday party. And the reason I watched so many videos with him over the years was not so much his incredible talent, but his funny and often dry statements. He also wasn’t doing it mainly for fame or money. I believe him when saying, that he only was eager to win certain races and that’s it.

“Listen… I am not planning to have an accident.”

“If I want to fly I would be a pilot”.

That’s why I post this car sport video in the humor section, lol.

Jeremy Clarkson is a tool, though.

I don‘t care about Clarkson at all. It was the only video in English about Walter Röhrl I watched yet.

I just read an interview with Röhrl about that last race in 1983 and to the world championship of that year in general. The Lancia team order didn‘t allow him to win. His Italian team colleague Markku Alén was signed for this. Röhrl agreed to it and said in the interview, that he would have abided by it but wanted to show he was the best driver. And he proved this obviously so well, that his own team boss Fiorio became nervous and managed to get Walter Röhrl a 2 minute penalty time, lol. And despite Röhrl only was a part-time driver who didn‘t participate in the Finland Rallye due to him not wanting to „fly“ instead of driving, he nevertheless ended up second in the World Championship. What a huge talent he had. And only started race driving because a friend of him, which he regular met to drive into the alps for skiing, begged him to try motor sport, as no one he knows can handle a car like he does. Röhrl, having no money, replied eventually he would do, if his nagging friend would organize a car for no money. And that friend did. Unbelievable, lol. I just can‘t understand that mind set, having promised to himself that his mom never ever has to mourn another son dying in a car accident as his older brother did, and yet starting a racing career, which toppled every existing time record.

PS: Team orders are stupid and one more reason why I dislike motor sport.

I now dislike car sports, too. I have no idea why I watched for so many years. I think I just admired Lewis Hamilton and how much better he was than everyone. Now that he is ordinary, I find myself asking “who cares who can drive around in circles fastest?”

I can still sometimes (rarely) watch MotoGP because those guys have a skill level that just boggles my mind. Beyond insane skills. This guy leans his bike over so much that his shoulder scrapes the pavement. That is just physically impossible.

I wish there would be english subtitles. His character is so incredible. He never attended a winner award ceremony of the World Championship in Paris, because he was shy. Or to raise his arms in a winner pose, lol.

The first time he participated in a race (in his free time from still working full time) he asked his friend, who also was his co-driver seriously, why everyone else is driving so slow. He still didn‘t realize his special talent, lol. And please believe me, he is zero arrogant.

Or that after having won Monte Carlo, he wanted to stop racing, as he had no more goals left in that sport, lol. His Bavarian co-driver called him a Depp if he really ends his career now after they finally can make money, lol. Haven‘t finished the interview yet, but my dog needs to finally get out for a walk. Brb.

I stumbled upon this and it amused me.

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I thought this was funny but it was missing music, you know just to take it to the next level, so I added my own lol.


That’s a great song, but it’s best listened to without the video.

In a perfect world you would race off to your special computer place, work your computer magic and return with a perfectly merged clip of the video a sliver of that song.

In a few years, you will tell your favourite AI to go do that and it’ll return you exactly the video you want. Amusingly, it’ll probably be from Russia or China, as the US based AIs will complain that you’re violating copyright.

I was not expecting that lol. A little gross.