Horses and horsemanship

An amazing person with an amazing talent I adore.

It‘s not rational but has all to do with beauty and elegance. The epitome of it. I think there are two Things I couldn‘t do, and if my life would depend on it. Cannibalism and killing a horse. I think I would hate me afterwards too much for doing it, for that I couldn‘t forgive myself. Horses are such unique creatures, they seem to be not from this world. A few things are holy to me and horses definitely are.


Seeing Robert Redford in that flick above, how he sits in the meadow, watching that horse, reminded me on the day back in my childhood, when I let my sick horse Pia running free for the whole afternoon. I still can see her standing, grazing, running and jumping around full of joy inmidst the meadow, which lies right behind my parents house, protected by a forest. The next day, my father solid her to the slaughterhouse. I never was a rebel and I still was a child. My father was a small and very hard working Farmer who even never had a hobby which didn‘t bring in more money than it cost. He‘s not to blame. He wanted the best and thought only rational. That doesn‘t make it right, though. Now I would stand up and say no, no matter what. That I didn‘t back then, still makes me feel guilty, though.

As a child, I read all books by Walter Farley about Blitz (lightning in german), the original name in the English version I don‘t know, but I think he was called Black. Some of those books were filmed and those scenes filmed at the shore of Sardinia are the best horse pictures ever made. The child, Reno Kelly, who rode that Arab Stallion, really impresses me. I am jealous, but I never was as good and I never would have been that brave. Read an interview with him, that there were scenes he had to do, which scared the hell out of him, but he let him run and hoped not to fall, lol. He also said, that there was no invisible help, like a rein, bridle etc. Only a handful of the horses mane, when he was lucky, lol. Amazing, really. He also answered when asked for his favourite moment, that it was the scene he put off his hands, as the director told him to do that. According to Kelly, this was an incredible moment and he just let him run, hoping for the best. :racehorse:

Here’s a longer flick about those scenes on the beach in Sardinia, which contains also the slow process to gain the horses trust to let him get closer and to even get the chance to climb onto his back. I still get goosebumps, when he succeeds and the music changes from flutes into drums, lol. And all that comes afterwards is pure joy and that flying, free moment even spiritual to me.

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the shots inside the water look very pretty… ruined of course by the unnatural placement of a human on the back of that beautiful creature

at least it is without a saddle or spurs but i think its still animal abuse… unless the human lets the horse ride on their back as well;)

I doubt I ever ride again but…

Check out my Okie horse. Someone strapped a saddle on him. They must be late for their next race or desperate to ride.

Huh? So what is the “natural placement of a human” alongside a horse?
Leisure Suite Larry 7 style?

BBAD got you covered on this!

I heard Stallions have really big schlongs…

lol larry! thanks now i will have that tune stuck in my head for the rest of this evening

…you’re welcome. Not the only reference of LSL to horses…here’s Larry 6’s stallion show. Look, there is even the beach and the sea…

PS: horse poooh is one of the most well smelling pooos there is IMHO.

The Leisure Suite Larry series has been a sequel of games relying and exploiting heavily (for its times) on sexual symbols and desires e.g. Stallions.
Is there a special reason You really seem to like those Arab Stallions, Gundi?

…and as of 2020, there surely is an incredible amount of “edgy-horse-related-” content on the net…

Nature is animal abuse per se. Predators, diseases, natural disasters. Admittedly, human kind was the worst of all for thousands of years he used them for wars and hard work. But some people treat the leisure horses of today quite well and those horses don‘t appear to be unhappy but even greet and voluntarily run towards their owner when they come.

sure but some will say its gods will: predators need to eat, diseases and disasters seem to happen more often when there is an overpopulation

lol those horses were probably hungry and would run towards any human because they were given food on previous occasions

Those „some“ say God, yet talk about the Devil. How could a loving and merciful deity create a world where it‘s creatures need to eat up each other for surviving. Often they have to die slowly and painfully. Your disease and desaster theory works only partly, as many species which went extinct did so due to a little rock some „God“ forgot amid it’s omnipotence. And the millions of indigenous people of America, which got only killed because of a handful of white people. Some say God, I say nature. But neither is an excuse to justify pain and death.

A horse which dislikes it‘s owner because of bad treatment won‘t even come for an apple but hide.

gods and devils are the ultimate justifications

Not to me.

dont worry… pretending that an animal likes it when you sit on top of them using tools to force them to do what you want is also a pretty good justification

Population control?

Welcome back, Gunda.

You’re making a case for man’s responsibility to control overpopulation.

if God doesn’t exist, how did He forget? I’m confused again.

Amen to this.

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You don‘t need to pretend anything, if one‘s horse voluntarily comes to it’s owner while knowing due to routine, that it get‘s ridden. If you need to catch it, then you‘re right. But only then.

Me me me!! Diiips. Here.
I’d actually design it this way as a creator. Slay and eat, just as commanded in Acts.
I also love the creation of different races afterwards so that they fight each other. Creation of races after “all had been done already” as the Bible/Torah suggest in Genesis (Cham, Shem and Japhet, with Cham wearing a “special mark” ever since) puts a certain racial spin on our creator! Is our creator also a so-called “racist”, oh-oh, huh??

Gotta love it the marvelous ways of his creation. Just as he created AIDS as answer and a punishment (also a mark if you will so) for certain sins as WBC suggested. And the biggest hammer (great tribulation) is yet to come! I am so happy right now to have such a wonderful creator and I am drawn in HIS image. Gotta love it!