Cuba falls in line.

After losses in Russia, homosexuality wins one in Singapore.

And a loss for the homosexuals in the Church of England.

This will be exciting for some.

This is just a garbage hit piece against Conservatives.
The Associated Press reported that some Target stores have moved LGBTQ merchandise from displays in the front to areas where they are less visible, following the harassment of workers.

Target just reported yesterday that in southern states they were moving their pride displays away from the front because they didn’t want to end up boycotted like Bud Light. There was no previous concern for the worker harassment.

This has been the top story on CBC all day. Good thing we have our priorities in order.

The article reads like political blackmail.

“It will increase the risk of violence, discrimination and persecution, will set back the fight against HIV/AIDS, and will damage Uganda’s international reputation,” the statement said.

In other words, the US is going to do what we do best and start trouble in someone else’s country.

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Yes, the US will surely meddle with Uganda’s internal affairs, also surely with Canada’s help. The most misleading thing is this nonsense about the death penalty. Yes, there is a death penalty clause, but only if someone knowingly spreads a terminal illness like AIDS. I’m not a fan of the death penalty but if anything deserves it, that would be it.

That is not something to worry about. Blackmail is a loud message. Uganda will bow to the pressure the same way these big corporations bow to the IMF.

I don’t think they will. African nations tend not to cave to the homosexual agenda. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on homosexuality 7 years ago. CNN reporter: “Do you personally dislike homosexuals?” Museveni: “Of course, they are disgusting.”

Nor should they if they want to be free from disgusting American perversions.

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We aren’t allowed to study this here. It is a forbidden topic.

Looks like the Austrians stopped some Muslims from attacking a gay pride parade. Muslim immigration is going so well for the Europeans.

They should be commended for their bravery and sent to Uganda.

Worst part is that I don’t agree with these pride parades at all. Blocking traffic for nothing. I don’t want to kill anyone, though.

Really? I thought the globalist community mandated support for the LGBTQ+’s?

Not for nothing. Pride parades create a colorful and cosmopolitan city with no place for hate and exclusion. Try to keep up.

I wouldn’t worry about that. Muslim sympathizers will kill them for you.