India has legalized it. I admit some surprise.


I can remember a time when I would have cringed at the sight of two men kissing.

Now I wonder how it went from so disgusting to erotic in one song.


Ugh. Jesus, Michele.


Yes, I know! If I’m becoming desensitized to it, how will the next generation view it and what does that mean for the generation after that?
To me, it is alarming to hold this view but I don’t care what people say. They nailed erotic in the song.
Have you ever watched Brokeback Mountain? I’ve only watched it once but I couldn’t watch the sex scenes. If I watched that movie again, I believe I could sit through it.


I didn’t watch it. I don’t watch movies in general but if I did there would be about three million of them I’d choose before that one. I didn’t even watch your gross video.

All of that said, I still support gay rights. I just also support my right to not watch them do their act.


Some people thing we are physically destroying the world. I believe we are destroying our minds by accepting such abominations into our society. But it’s being accepted everywhere. Just because you can’t bring yourself to watch it yet doesn’t mean you aren’t becoming desensitized also.

Edit to add: I support this ruling for the sole purpose of getting men off of Indian women because there is an issue in this country. Maybe they will rape each other.


I did not like brokeback mountain. Michelle Williams was the only likable character. Both main characters were selfish assholes.


Is that new hot dog bread in that g-string Dan?


We’re you able to watch it , Dan?


I didn’t know you had a broken back Dan and the yoga was doing nothing to make it better. I don’t think fire cupping would be effective either. I think we need a a lot of thick milkshake, like a whole mountain of it on your broke back and we can try suction cupping or even reversing pressure. I can do hot dog bread work with perfect extractions and insertions at the gluteal sulcus even with heavy orange peel.

I hate seeing you confined to that extendable foldout lawn chair. Do you just push apart the plastic/nylon weave pattern when you have to go?


I watched it. I was able to get through it. Michelle Williams worked her as off while her husband was off riding horses with his boyfriend. I felt awful for her. And no sympathy for either of them.


That would bother me more than the gross acts.


Worse is the scrambled egg hymen. Talk about a sacral chakra information superhighway that isn’t ported.


:joy::joy::joy: He just Introduced himself.
:joy::joy::joy: She’s open to conversation.


A same sex friendship doesn’t have to be gay. And even if the friendship is gay, it doesn’t have to be homosexual.
I suppose I can say this as I have been celibate my entire life.

A better movie is Alpha which I watched yesterday. It was gay but then really had a an unexpected change at the end.


I haven’t seen the other movie, this seems like a much better movie despite the unappreciative audience of two other people in the back row which I sat far up front from. I really cried.


Nice to hear you agree about her but I thought the intent of the movie was to give people a deeper understanding of what gay men really experience and the shame they deal with.


Really? Why?


Don’t you want a bun for your wiener ?


He doesn’t even want a wei…

I believe this is the source of your stress and you should deal with it lol