I’m not gay.


I know! lol I was just messing with ya. You never did say why you have chosen celibacy.


It’s not my choice.


Sex is always a choice, Mark. How can you say you aren’t choosing celibacy?


Are you saying you can’t get a woman to go to bed with you or you’re too damn lazy to get up off your ass and go get a woman? Which is it?


Look! Everyone is asleep except you and I, Mark. lol


You should talk to me


Ok, Mark, you don’t have to talk to me and that tells me you are making someone’s day. Keep it up! Slow and steady wins the race. :wink:

Night, Mark❣️


Extremely rapid weight and unexplained weight loss.
Is it your experience too? Same and sex?


That’s not my job.


Ummm…no! Geez, Mark wth


Not a geezer either. Trying to rob me of sexual and staying power or attribute this to yourself or somebody else?
What would you call this type of defining redistribution?


Stop suggesting homosexuality to me.


Staying power? lol you’re not even using your power are you?
Get over it! I can tell from the milkshake song that you’re not gay.


Hmmmm…picking up some agitation, no, more like commotio. Commotio cordis.


Ha ha! Funny!


No sympathy. Seems like Dan wouldn’t even forgive a former heroin addict. But that is Dan for you, the bread of life. You can be tough and good like that and have God’s favor in things you do just by being bread or thinking like you are. People wouldn’t think you were gay if you were just shelved next to them.


Some golfer just announced that he enjoys this activity.


If you do not think it should be criminalized then we may agree. If you think there is a criminal homosexuality, a homosexuality that proliferates crimes then we may agree further.


Nothing to do with a meaning or affectionate relationship, I believe some persons engage in homosexuality to give themselves a criminal edge.