Hold my beer and watch this

what could go wrong?

“Regardless of what’s on board, it will still leave the vicinity of the asteroid in March.”

Nothing if it escapes the asteroid at the appointed time.

Hold my milk and Reader’s Digest.

dear reg
i was browsing this morning and saw your 9 11 theory post
i’m tired of people saying it couldn’t happen that way when they have no data points
i have only two data points, but they were pretty convincing
what with the video of the planes and such
so i did an experiment
don’t try this at home
i did it in my garage
i took five one foot long sections of 2x4 #2 common pine
i stacked them into a tower one on top of another
it won’t surprise you to know the tower was five feet tall
i swung a four foot long one inch diameter pine dowel through the middle board
the top two boards fell straight down (i think it was gravity) into the bottom two boards
you can try this yourself
you can use the wooden toy blocks you used to construct your theory
they aren’t good for anything else
did i mention the experiment is repeatable and falsifiable?
how’s yours?

I’m sorry. Got out of line. I’ll behave.

dear reg
back with another exciting data point from the frontiers of knowledge
i repeated the experiment with one change
i set a one foot 2x4 #2 common pine board one foot north of the five foot tower
can you guess what happened to it?

An interesting experiment, Bill. If buildings were stacked one floor above the other with nothing holding them together, it might be a valid one. I suggest you try your experiment again. Stack one hundred and ten one-foot sections together but this time use strong steel fasteners to hold them together. Sink the resulting structure deep into the ground for stability. Make it strong enough that the structure would withstand a century of more of weather and various small impacts. Then swing your dowel through the middle board and see if your structure falls into a neat pile.

Then do another experiment. Let’s call it the “Buiding 7 Experiment” just for fun. Take your structure and make 47 one-foot sections, then set a small fire at the bottom. Not a big enough fire that that it engulfs the whole structure. Just a small fire at the bottom that burns on the surface of the first few sections. Don’t strike it at all with anything. Then see if your structure collapses into a neat little pile.

If it does, I will accept your crazy conspiracy theory that 18 Saudis and an Egyptian with minimal training flew the incredibly difficult aerobatic task of striking thin skyscrapers at 500+ mph (which every pilot questioned has said would be impossible) and thereby made said huge skyscrapers fall into neat little piles thereby defying the laws of physics and common sense.


i tried your suggestions. it broke my dowel.
so i pulled my 747 fuel tank from another experiment and used that as a bat
the paramedics tell me that the tower fell straight down
they think it was gravity
i need a skin graft
you have no mental conception of the forces involved in that event
like a dog counting to a thousand
billions and billions
our math sense stops at four
our social sense breaks down at around one hundred
but you are qualified to discuss failure characteristics of metals
my experiment is exactly the same as as 9 11
not a controlled demolition
an event that was sudden, violent, and from the point of view of the tower completely unexpected, removed the middle of a structure.
did you expect my boards or those towers to start leaning over like they had a hinge on the bottom?
love the precision of your experiment by the way
“just strong enough” “just deep enough”
if the towers had been built to your specs, they prolly would still be there

Actually, there were plenty examples of planes hitting skyscrapers, including one that hit the Empire State Building. Google it. Either way, forces are forces. A strong force hits a rectangular object in the middle. What happens? It breaks in two? Possible. It falls over like a hinge? Possible. It stands for a few hours and then collapses into a neat little pile? 1400 architects and engineers, and one aging programmer in Medellín say that’s physically impossible.

Don’t forget to explain Building 7 which was several blocks away, never got hit by a plane and managed to collapse into a neat little pile.

You’re the one stacking soft pine 2x4s to simulate a skyscraper. Quit yer bitchin.

i don’t have to google it, i know about it
google the plane that hit the empire state building
google a 747
google various construction techniques
google the melting point of steel
google inertia and gravity

That’s way too complicated. I’m making mud huts with metal clay. Next time something like that happens I’ll have the shiniest and most precious buildings of all.
Go ahead fire away.

You don’t need a melting point for frittage.

But I suppose you personally need one for cheese.

It was a false flag attack.

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While all your points on this are invalid, I’ll stipulate them all for the purposes of highlighting this one, Bill. A building several blocks away from the twin towers, which never got hit by a plane, which had some mild fires on the first few floors, fell into a neat little pile a few hours later. Kindly hammer some pine 2x4s together to explain that one.

Here’s a video of that collapse. Just ignore the Dan Rather commentary about it being like it was “deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite” because that’s a wild conspiracy theory.

before i address your building 7 expertise, let me thank you for setting me straight.
i went looking for your “plenty” of examples of planes hitting buildings.
while it wasn’t “plenty”, i did find a couple examples of 747s hitting buildings
in both cases, the building fell straight down

Prove it. I have never seen a building go straight down for any reason other than controlled demolition other than the three on September 11, 2001. Link us.

the two examples i found were the twin towers you moron

Oh. Well then.

Now you can explain building 7.

looks like it is across the street
it’s that red building
several blocks?
several lanes of traffic perhaps

Approximately 300 meters from what I’ve read. How did it collapse? Very neat little pile.