This will kill the coronavirus. It will kill pretty much anything alive. As well as viruses. It will kill you too. Unless you don’t believe in science. Then you could see if you could survive. If used properly it will result in a 100% chance of death.

It does work to get crap out of your car though.

That’s a fascinating device. I didn’t know those existed.

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I haven’t been smoking but thanks for your concern, Weirdo.

Of course they all seemed amazed at their “very powerful health and recuperative powers”. and figure it must be o.k. because nobod could possibly be making such an effort to live through the suffucation and blacking out etc.

Most of the time they are very right and peopel agree and the offender gets their way.

I’d like to contribute more to this thread you started Reg, but you do remember what happened when I tried starting a facial health thread. Michele and Will and their meltdowns and her selfish business ideas. Now thinkinaboutit is doing the same thing. Can you stop the behavior with moderation? Do they all have cancer?

No, I leave people alone to do as they please as long as they don’t get me in legal trouble or threaten the safety/security of the site.

I coud make things on my terms where I have more money than anyone.

You have too much of a 50+ age bias. And the worst of age is the bias.

Some things about me have just been in existence much, much, longer than you have and will be in existence much, much longer when all of you have gone.

That’s a lie from you, sucker. Dunce.

It is difficult to take you seriously on this topic Reggie. Blue screen of death just isn’t a term for computer health it is your actual state of physical health.
Your flat by the way and very paned.

Hard to move forward on this topic with this definition:

I can make good advances and give good advice if we change the definition here to be more toughness and life or damage capacity and replenishment//regeneration integrated with that definition above.

Maybe you have a life/health number from fantasy role play games or video games you have played i.e. player health bar. Not everyone has the same health.

Think of a fire and what it needs, fuel, heat, air and those can vary.

The health of a fire might not be the same as the health of a lightning storm.

Some people can get health from cloring or dyeing their hair. Some people have health that is linked to their body hair.

I can drop health to pretty much dead with any hair color and generate health for people somehow linked to me, but it is rare I get any health return, and the dead factor doesn’t seem to dminish much. Shaving often increases my health but make myhealth vulnerable. Doing a body shave with the 2.0 v back blade I bought diminshes my life but regenerates more.

Some people need to smoke it seems or too much oxygen makes them dizzy. Really low health but the smoking seems to keep a fire active in them that they respond or do not go into a trance liek stupor when doing an activity or carrying a conversationa and asked a sudden question.

My health is 100% maxed and it is not enough. Really this would be ideal health for somebody else, but it is not really healththat is right for me. Everyone has their differences in chemistry etc.

Speaking of which here is a change up. Coffee is health for some people and there health drops to nothign without it. I dont drink coffee that much but I try at times for short duration of days to weeks. Coffee rarely does anything for me I like. It prevents me from getting good sleep when I want to rest in bed, yet it is not enough of a stimulus for work or staying awake, it tends to make feel sluggish and nauseated so I create a drive to wear the effect off with increasing headache. Sometimes though I have a pleasant effect from a cup of coffee, but that is like 1 out 20 or 1 out of 50 or 1 out of 100.

But if coffee is starting to lose its returns to you as well try ginger. I don’t mean drinking tons of ginger drinks and looking liek some of those people you see who seem to be having a “bottomless” tea part pouring over them for eternity.

These are sugar coated ginger and one piece about that small is enough to rapidly pick me up if I find myself blinking in a motor vehicle or having my head nod while working, reading etc. But brush your teeth, cavities remember. I found cuttign back on coffee and then trying again with better results improved my health.
Not much more than this.

I want a better definition of health for this topic. I’m trying to think of it has something you rebound with when you have been knocked back or depleted. Just like somebody throwing trivia or puzzles or chess problems at you until you can’t seem to have any function due to lack of resource…and then going deep into your coffee grounds and coming out wriggling like a worm or bursting forth with growth like a mushroom. Also having the characteristics and attributes of those things.

Smelling like ginger in breath and stinging like zingers in retorts.

Mark, have you tried fasting? I’m doing it for the first time today. It feels good.

Time is relative.

So is everything. Fasting still feels good. I hope I can keep this up.

Find or make some ginger candy and work on your fast sting.

With all the bad things peopel have to say about salt, you still need it and might reallyhave to overdose on it to get what you need. Somebody here made a joke about my balls finally dropping. I don’t want to go into detail about testicular health but my testicles have been internal for months prior. I was eating a canned vegetable noodle soup and there was a available some container of very very fine salt or slat seasoning. I used at least 3 heaping teaspoons and it was barely salty enough for my taste at the time. My testicles did drop and they dropped oddly smaller and incredibly dense they feel like steel shot filled with liquid mercury. It still feels like a a gaint elephant pair in addition to those below the navel, and I can feel the pathway and pulling of cords and tubes which causes massive painful cramping.

But yes they dropped and the pouch looked like an ancient leather from some spell book somebody poured hot rust down.

Don’t think you did yourself irreparabel damage to anything. And when balls drop they start at the eye sockets.

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