You can probably cure the corona virus with this one, but I’m letting things run their course.

Reggie, you are dead. You need a special kind of health.

This thread looks so ridiculous with your face as the original poster.

Mark, I don’t know what has triggered you tonight but I hope you get over it. You’ve been pleasant lately.

You are too moist of a brownie Reggie! You need some grave dirt dumped on you or cremation ashes.

Hey show us your all natural soft man brownie soaked in fish sauce bar of soap for your leprosy. What? I don’t smell anything, nothing at all and the hue is wonderful.

Hey Everyone, Reggie has health for us to waste!

Whew Reggie, we need to roll you in flour to find the wet spots.




What’s going on with surgery? Have they set a date?

I’m not going to do the skin graft surgery. It’s almost healed. Another 2-3 months and I’ll be able to go swimming again.

Why no,t do they fear complications? The appearance might be unsightly if left the way it is and possibly not fully healed. Can’t youjust bake some very soft brownies?

Oh I forgot maybe some fish sauce, vietnamese, thai, or even patis! You caneven add some old home brewed coffee for your hemophilia.

I wouldn’t go swimmng though if it were me. Not without some flour anyways to roll and pat all over me to find anywet spots. Can’t smell anything it’s weird.

Oh sorry I thought you meant like swimming in the ocean. I would bring one of those brownies for showers at the pool or beach though just in case you have any injuries and need a quick fill in. You might get some compliments if youleave in the soap dish without people having to ask for your soft man.

I dislike swimming in the ocean, Mark. Nice clean swimming pools for me.

Don’t take it personal, Mark. Dirty water and salt mix is not for everyone.

My wife does not like swimming in the ocean or lakes. Too many fish. 2 trips to the beach for 3 hours each is good enough for me. It is significantly easier to swim in a pool than tidewater.

I do understand your point but she is exchanging a natural swim for a chemical swim.

Salt (sodium chloride) is a chemical.

I reject that swimming in pools is worse for you than swimming in ocean water.

Well. It’s not as good for your skin, but I don’t consider it bad for your skin.