Harold Armstead Covington


What the hell kind of crap are you into?


I will let him answer for himself, but I will note that it doesn’t matter much since it changes weekly. :slight_smile:




Atom-Waffen of course.

I got to maintain the pace to make the race!
I will find him! My beloved creator.
There is no stepping back!

Total victory or walhalla/paradise/al jannam!


…another example of a vital yet medium scale religious folk: the chechens.
…love their nasheeds…faithful, martial and the same time mysterious and lovely, yet some kind of “odd”.
Cori Mansour, you’ll love them

Montani Semper Liberi as Ted Kaczinsky once said.


True about the Chechens. I hope one day you realize you will never find fulfillment in fairy tales.


I see, it helps to be surrounded by visible enemies to keep your flock together.
WHat the hack you are talking about? fairy tales? You mean “spiritual experience”?
…I tell you the big boosters of my “spiritual space exploration rocket” haven’t even ignited yet…


Usually, but not always. Sometimes, an entirely rational man will have an experience he can’t explain, sometimes even involving encounters with a being or beings who he perceives to be more powerful and advanced than we are. Sometimes this can happen without the man then wrapping a complex and ridiculous set of fictional stories around his experiences.