Harold Armstead Covington


In every such community, the children abandon the ideals of the community and join normal society when they grow up. Interesting you bring up the WBC. They are a prime example of that. Almost all the Phelps children have left and rejoined normal society and no longer hate gays.


Why is this, Reg?
The Amish somehow manage to avoid the youngsters leaving in large percentage. They have a high percentage of youngsters staying in their way-of-life (> 80% and even growing tendency, as I read).

But you are right, all, ALL others fail in this regard.
What are the Amish doing right where all the others fail?
From Israeli Kibbutzim over end-times sects to Mennonite-alike communes, many lose their youngsters in droves.

Is it they allow private property and possesions and are pretty worldly on this? Is it the tightness in non-Amish communes? Is it the Amish have an eye on their youngsters getting a proper education and learning a profession?

It can’t be the toughness of life there, since the Amish have a rough life.


The short answer is I don’t know. I would only observe that it’s not only the Amish. The Druze and Yazidis also have very high retention rates.


Thanks for the positive examples.
For further study, I’d apreciate if you or others posted further positive examples, too, to find out where the key difference is.
Well, Yazidis is almost a nation amongst enemies, so is it the scale?
Do you need a bigger scale than Harold’s?
To have some anonymity. Because, living amongst a constant group of 50, I can imagine the claustrophobia now.
Is it the distance?
The Amish families are granted distance from each other in their day-to-day life, that is true.
In contrast to Bruderhof/Twelve Tribes, they only come together in school and church and have an own life apart from these gatherings.
True aspect! Good separatist thinking, Reg!

So, we do need mid-scale instead of small-scale. Hmmh. Interesting aspect.


I will mourn ol’ ramblin’ HAC a bit now. See you soon, bbad thinkers, intellectuals and separatists.


…ahhh one thing:

  • non-white examples wellcome (e.g. Yah Victory black messianic end-times commune in the U.S.)


Actually turned 60 on Christmas day 2017.

Just got over gout by drinking plenty of cherry juice and eating high on the 39 cent cans of
Always Save mixed vegetables.Am down to 245-250 ibs at 6 ft 2.5 inch frame. Last week found a primary care physician who prescibed my blood pressure medications from me outliving my former doctor. Have ditched the cane for the past five days and can walk slowly and water my garden.

Have been arrested three times in the past year for fighting with the corrupt Granby City Council, have six lawsuits with City of Granby as a plaintiff or defendant. Am going to destroy that Republican piece of shit Attorney General Josh Hawley’s run against that Hillary-skank Claire McCaskill because Hawley says judges are above the law. McCaskill is a bitch but only crooked Republicans would dream of destroying the First Amendment by putting up a bogus domestic abuse protection order because I called the Granby City Clerk Lawna Price and Granby City Collector Carra Jo Coffer “fat hogs” when they violated the Missouri Sunshine Act by refusing to give me a copy of public notices on their bulletin board.

As a White Supremacist am not allowed to run on the Republican, Democrat, Libbertoon Party ballot so am runniing as a write-in candidate for US Senate.

I’ll skin out these regime criminals and run their spawn through a wood chipper yet.

Anyways, I still was able to take care of Roxie, it just was that I was so slow at it when I had gout. It runs in my family. Got to cut down on the beer, bread and red meat – which I love.

I’ll outlive you Wedgie if you get shot first and Axis Skanky as well when she overdoses on goat testosterone.


Andy called me Friday and told me the “bad news”. I said tht I didn’t think it was Gretchen the Librarian wearing a wire like Axis Skanky. Harold has been in poor health, particularly the past three years. They had a welfare call made Thursday and figure out Harold died the morning of Tuesday July 17th.

I asked Andy what they would do. They started working on Harold’s modest estate yesterday, Harold has no debts other than a used car payment. Harold’s intellectual property was made public domain four or five years ago dealing with WhiggerSwill Welas Williams who settled back in 2014 his outlandish claims. Harold’s family want Harold’s Party People to deal with Harold’s funeral arrangements, and they didn’t notify the SPLC or ZOG. What few assets Harold has will be plowed back into Harold’s Northwest Front. From what I gather probate will be a mere formality.

So for the next few months there will be eulogies and “best of” Radio Free Northwest podcasts. They will have to cut back.

Andy is pretty competent and might well turn into a Brigham Young to Harold’s Joseph Smith.

I advised Andy to not notify anyone until most of the loose ends could be tied off Monday but to inform everyone before Wednesday. Pretty much everyone was disciplined and the news didn’t get out until Andy Donner tweeted the news around 11:40 pm Pacific time Monday night.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


:smiley: I’ll raise a glass to you from Hell if you do.

Cori and I broke up years ago but remained friends until recently. She converted to Islam and blocked me on Facebook. Seriously. We still exchange emails every few months but it’s nothing like before. I choose to remember her the way she was when we were together rather than the veiled Muslima she has become.

I get gout sometimes. Hurts like hell. I’m eating better these days so haven’t had it for a few years.

Harold’s family wanted nothing to do with him in life and saw no reason to change that in death. They did not and do not care at all about him and won’t attend his funeral.

Joel (the guy you call Andy) is a fat fool and talks like he has something uncomfortable up his butt. He has no chance at all of continuing Harold’s little piece of the bowel movement.

Will Williams has been keeping a low profile since his criminal harassment case. He’s 71 now. He looks awful but he’s far tougher than Harold ever was so I wouldn’t be surprised if he lived another decade. Doesn’t matter much as the NA is just him and Strom these days.

Tom Metzger is 80 and I’d be surprised if he lives much longer. He’s gone quiet anyway so it matters little.

You’re 60 are you? I thought you were older. I doubt you’ll live much longer but who knows? You might surprise me. I’m 53 with my share of health problems. You might well outlive me.

The new generation of White Nationalists is far more successful than your generation was. Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux make mainstream news, as do Richard Spencer and occasionally Chris Cantwell. They’re starting to infight now, with Cantwell breaking off from Jason Kessler and Spencer breaking off from everyone. I don’t identify with them so I don’t really care anymore.

I really respect that you take care of Roxy, Marty. I hope she’s ok. You’re a horrible person who has a few redeeming qualities, much like myself.

Good seeing you again.



Tattoes, next to nothing clothing and body building events… how does this fit into islam?
Bring her on bbad. I got 1001 questions on her going muslim.
Well, not 1001 that is. Just mere interest. I for myself like that developement.
Would be interesting.

PS: Christian women should dress modestly, too, according to scripture…

PPS: I found a german book “Koran für Nichtmuslime” with the text in modern day German languge, devoided of the repetitive stuff, and a neither liberal nor ultra-conservative explanation of sura background. I have begun reading it and finding it very interesting.

Finally…because the “original” book might be good for Arab Poetry sing-sang, but I am into the hard facts so I had to cut the spenses on sandgroidish sing-sang rambling and get to the point.


PPS: I almost forgot.
Hail back to you Pastor Lindstedt.
Good to hear you health is improving and you being active in the garden.
We are to dwell in the gardens and hills in the end of days, so I assume this is all for preparation.

Good to see you here! Actually with you there are now 3 more or less determined Christians who do see people of European descent as the lost tribes of the bible. Wow! This could be a brit’ish israelism forum, almost:…


Your interest in white nationalist groups makes me curious. Evidently you had a female companion for some time who believed in their ideology. You seem to be sympathetic to their cause. First I put it off to curiosity but then your letter to one of them seemed very heartfelt. I have questions you may not want to answer and that’s ok with me.

You are obviously not white so why would they accept you?
How deep is your involvement with these people.
Do you have dual citizenship with a country other than Canada?


Did you miss the part about her blocking me on FB? She is not friendly with me lately.

I don’t but it’s her life.

Will, I’m happy to talk about it.

In the mid 90s (about 1996 or so), the Internet was young and online hate groups were among the first things (after porn) to pop up. I had led a life sheltered from racism up to that point and honestly did not think such things existed. I found them fascinating and started listening to them, but only to understand my enemies. Your suggestion that I am sympathetic to them is not correct. I would kill them all tonight if I had the power but, since I don’t, I settle for knowing as much about them as I can and causing as much trouble for them as I can. I have engaged with them and antagonized them for over 20 years.

You are also mistaken about Cori, my ex that you’re referring to. Cori was a white nationalist, but she left that movement and I take some credit for that. I started corresponding with her by email while she was in the group run by Harold Covington (the person this thread is putatively about). A year later, she had left that group and had learned to despise racists. Shortly after that, we were a couple and that lasted quite a long time. It is no surprise my letter to her seemed heartfelt. I care deeply about her even though she has chosen a path (Islam) that I don’t think much of.

To answer your questions:

  1. Obviously the white nationalists wouldn’t accept me in general, although you might be surprised about how quickly they abandon their principles when it suits them. I would never join them other than to cause them problems so it matters little.

  2. My involvement with them is limited to antagonizing them, subverting them, and causing them as much mayhem as I am able, always quietly and anonymously. Let them think their troubles are just bad luck. That suits me perfectly.

  3. I don’t have dual citizenship anywhere but I now have a visa in Colombia that lets me live here as much as I like.

PS: Here’s a photo of Cori when we were a couple. Now she wears a veil and reads the Qu’ran. It’s her life and her choice. I don’t have to like it.


Thank you for your answer. I was troubled at first but no longer. What a shame to cover that beautiful woman in a burka. I don’t know what you have my friend but your women are testimony to something about you that I don’t understand.


Are you an SJW novice?
It is a veil not a burka.
There are many shades of head coverings.


Who isn’t?


I am no facebook pro. I thought this is like “just muting” someone.
Maybe better that way. MSM is reporting about “anti-muslim racism” and I (we) surely won’t be taking the risk of being labeled an “anti-muslim racist” by Cori Mansour, now will we?


She described it to me as a hijab. I googled hijab and found images like this. I dislike it but again, it’s her life.

No, blocking means I can’t see her posts or comments and she can’t see my posts or comments. I am also unable to message her although she still promptly responds to my emails and occasionally sends me emails on her own.

Muslim isn’t a race but, then again, neither is Judaism and that doesn’t stop people from calling anti-semites “racists”. Come to think of it, someone I know (not a friend but a friend of friends) recently called me a racist for saying bad things about the English world cup team. I noted that there were Englishmen of all races on that team but it seems that fact didn’t impress him much. I remain a “racist” in his eyes.

Me, for one.


mhmmm buuuuuhhhh.

Israeli minister Miki Zohar and former holoxxx industry affiliate “Elie Wiesel” did state otherwise.





I don’t care if
You’re not white,
or Richard S. is a k***,
don’t care if this forum has come apart,
we’re only here to share erotic 2D art,

…but just get an avatar Pastor Lindstedt!


PS: What does “tag extremely vetted” mean?