Harold Armstead Covington


Harold Covington has died. He was the leader of the Northwest Front, a group that wanted to form a new country in the Pacific Northwest for whites only. His podcast, Radio Free Northwest (or just RFN) was ridiculous but fun and I listened to it for a decade. I just wrote this to Cori about his death.

I’m not sad, but I say that with no malice. Harold’s future was bleak. He had no money and his donors were going to dry up at some point. His health was poor and he had no family. He faced a horrible, invalid, poverty-stricken old age. Really, best to go out now, not on top but as on top as he’s ever been.

I’m guessing RFN will now die and this small part of my life will draw to a close. Flake just did an episode eulogizing Harold and swore up and down that things would carry on, but nobody likes him or listens to him as far as I can see. He’s also as boring as hell which nobody ever accused Harold of being. I will check in now and then to see how he’s doing but I will never listen with real interest the way I did with Harold.

In that episode, Flake stated that Harold failed to answer emails and texts for a few days and some NWF “comrade” discovered that he had died in his apartment in Bremerton. How he discovered that, I do not know. Flake went out of his way to thank that “comrade”. Whether any of that is true, I also do not know.

Nor do I care much. Tubby is dead. Pierce died ages ago. Will Williams will surely die soon. Tom Metzger too. Kevin Strom will probably live for a while longer but he’s as boring as Flake. The generation that entertained me so much in the 90s has passed. The new generation (Cantwell, Anglin, Kessler, Southern, Molyneux, Lokteff etc.) is much more active and engaging than the old and they’re just beginning their infighting phase, but I am older and am just not as interested anymore.

Here’s hoping all is well with you.



Good evening comrades.
Had been my reaction to this.
Curiously enough, I wanted to write about the various ways of nationalism, comparing the most similar ones when it comes to exclusivity (V.S. inclusivitiy like South American nationalism) and at the same extreme oposites when it comes to scale (big reich, big gamer (uncle adolph’s reich or also the islamic state) V.S. “defeatism” (e.g. biblical sects/cults or -of course- Harold’s “small scale” North West idea).
Time is flying.

Regardless to say, Harolds idea of nationalism is and has always been most close to mine.

Since the time of big reichs and isolated powers like north corea is fading away, and emerging “big scale” autarkies like the islamic state are failing, the small scale idea which Harold described in his novels and podcasts will survive. He was way ahead of his time with this idea. Even non-WNs are subscribing to the “minimalist settler idea”. May his idea continue to blossom in different ways, may his novels keep being an inspiration to many, long after his body will have had disintegrated.

So, without rambling any further in good old HAC-style, a “total white victory”-salute from a subscriber to the separatist idea until there comes a time when finally not only our rivers run free.

May You get the peace you didn’t find on earth, HAC, my fellow separatist writer and a big
"hail separatism"
to you and all the readers of this who could make it past the notoriously short American attention span.




Would it be unseemly to take bets on how long Lindstedt lives?


Pastor Lindstedt is pretty young, though, about 65 AFAIK. He just looks older due to the beard, missing teeth and his way of walking.
He has strong swedish genes. Won’t die soon :wink:
Maybe he might cut the 'spenses on talkshoe if doesn’t fulfill its purpose to him anymore…


There is a German-speaking equivalent to the “North West”.

  • Also non-religious (I got banned because of my views there)
  • also conservative right-wing (even though not as racial as HAC’s)
  • also small scale
  • also through white migration…



Tubby Covington was younger than Lindstedt, or the same age. Both are obese. Lindstedt is down to walking with a cane and makes no effort to stay healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeled over any day now.

There are tons of these white groups who seek to turn back the clock. All any of them have to do to preserve the white race is breed but none of them do, aside from the weird polygamy cults.


These groups, most of the ones I know are religious, are mainly out there to preserve themselves and their culture and their race as part of their heritage and identity, not “the white race”. Nor do (those I know) want to turn back the clock, but to separate and segregate also from bad habits and child upbringing (like banning TV, banning public schooling, banning medicine, banning Smartphones, restricting the net).
Breeding serves nothing (even to the muslims!!!) if the children afterwards become ZOGs fuel in a faceless society devoid of own culture and faith.


Here’s Billy Roper’s eulogy. Sadly Billy appears to be quite healthy so he proabably won’t join Harold soon.

Then I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about groups similar to Tubby’s in which case their goal is most certainly to preserve the white race.


Reg, even though HAC might have had stated otherwise, the whole “small-scale” “non-military” “non-overthrow” make-up of the NW migration idea (“small scale separatism”) in reality is much more subscribing to the things I posted than to “reverse the big clock” or to preserve “the whites” (if done right).


That’s not how I see it. You’re familiar with the 14 words? That is the creed Tubby lived by. And failed by.


I am familiar. But his way of life talks otherwise. Maybe he would have “fulfilled” the 14 words “after having installed” his idea, but as I said the whole North West grass-roots separatist, isolationist set-up isn’t a good path to fulfill the 14W nationwide. “Make America white again”/ Bannon/ AltRight are/were heading the “all-or-nothing”/ close the borders/ pride etc… direction, all right, but HAC? He and his subscribers like myself are called “defeatists” by “main-stream” WNs, because the idea is so extremely small-scaled. Almost like a secular cult :wink:


Marty Lindstedt eulogizes Tubby. One interesting detail from this is that Tubby’s family wanted nothing to do with him, even in death. They were contacted and clearly rebuffed the contact. Since Tubby abandoned his children, I don’t blame them at all.



Oh boy, what a day! What a month. My grandpa is near dying, too.
Tense times…


I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t fear death, myself. I fear having failed to live while I had the chance.


Well, there is the time for all of us.
I just hope it evolves quickly ever after you’re not able to live on your own any more…for either one of us all.

White race or not, these days you HAVE to be a defeatist (isolationist, separatist) to preserve ANY culture or heritage to avoid being sucked into the whirl of insanity they call a society these days.
To avoid finding you and yours “on a crazy train” destination hell.


What does isolationism get you? Go live on your virtual island (or commune or mountain top) and eat/poop/sleep for a few thousand cycles until you die. How is that better?


Not on your own. It takes a community. Offline. Around min. 50+ people per community. To provide for the needs, own school, growing own foods.

I am seeking mine.


Ok, you eat/poop/sleep with 50 other people until you all die. How is that better?


Of course, as an ideal, you also breed and raise the next generation APART and isolated from the rest of fallen society. That is the idea. Gotta seek a "woman-"compatible community with a compatible woman :wink:

How do like the WBC parody song hahaha. They have quite some cool and true stuff. Much less hate then anticipated.