Ham Radio


I don’t know Michele, is that an owl pelt?


Let me guess. You experienced a sudden blackout around radio equipment. A radio transmission or attempted broadcast by yourself caused an instantaneous loss of vision enveloping you in total and scary darkness. What is worse than the phone call is that it also caused loss of your body’s motor control and skill.

How do you feel about your investment now?


Now you understand. You are not the only one using radio, but somebody is using it differently than you.


If I was the only one using radio, it wouldn’t be very useful.


However it could be fun. Have you thought of purchasing a package of disposable adult diapers you could slip into before you turned on the radio equipment? As stressful and frightening as it could be, I’m certain it could also be just as lax and relaxing. Alone is good for you stinky.


I must admit, no, I have never thought of that.