Ham Radio

Beautiful new dual-band handheld by Yaesu.

Strictly HF CW here. I realize (especially in US) that UHF VHF have become very popular. Getting ready to take Technician Class test after which they will reinstate my General Class license. I am also curious about ELF. Wonder what I would need for that. Must be a hell of a wavelength.

Should be o.k. as long as your understanding and expertise are kept on the superficial, allowing you to give self assurance in your words and your actions in regards to it.

You could be used for communication unknowingly or against your will.

I really enjoy UHF/VHF. I bought some Chinese Baofengs and programmed them to the FRS frequencies and we use them around the house here in Colombia. Tomorrow or Friday we’re going to test to see if they can reach my woman’s workplace. Fun and useful.

Speaking of HF, what do you think of this thing, Will? I love the look of it.

Me too! Going to search it now. I have very old gear. Would love it if battery power is an option.

Nice radio. 6 meter though. I want 20 40 80 meters. I agree MFJ is the place to buy from. I have an MFJ keyer. MFJ - Mighty Fine Junk.

No, Will, that thing is a full 160 to 6 Meters, all bands. Hell, you could set it to AM and use it as a CB. lol.

Mark, I’m not ignoring you, but you’re being weird so I am not going to respond.

Didn’t realize that. I need to research it.

Understood. I cleared out my confusing posts. And although I have seen a potato clock and a lemon phone charger, I won’t be making an actual ham radio.

What was so weird? Any non earthly contact, like Alien Life Form (ALF) weird? I did research on Extremely Low Frequency waves and telepathy and even made a presentation on it. Will seems enthusiastic but you seem a bit inward Reggie. Do you have any ALF research or experience? I’m really not big on tech dependence. Have you considered changing that same old tired out looking avatar you make us stare at year after year?

I would like to talk to you about this subject and also an alternative. I don’t want to post aything here because I use 2 way radio.
Maybe we can talk sometime on phone. Too bad you blocked me last time. I could even just text.

Did you two have to buy chinstraps since then? If you were not talking over me or using me, why would that be necessary?

I didn’t block you, Mark. Sometimes I don’t answer you, but I don’t recall ever blocking you. Either way I’m in South America for a few months so phone is difficult.

Radio is difficult even in just a few miles of proximity.

I’ll try calling and tell you what my difficulties pros and cons.

Mark, I got your text about trying Zello. I’m game to try it, but it’s not radio really. Might be fun anyway.

Too much for you I think. I don’t believe you can include me in any network. Volume is a big issue and they do sell a cb style mic/speaker for use with the cell phone, but you and Will should think farther than your supportive chinstraps for now. Let’s suspend the idea. Don’t install or buy anything yet, just the chinstrap/chin supporter from your last mistakes and focus on the adjustment and healing.

Remember you cannot handle communication. Blackouts in vision, loss of body function and control and even seizures. It’s suicidal for you. Think about it here and remember YOU CANNOT READ IN A DREAM, YOU CAN ONLY DREAM YOU ARE READING.

Too much of s shock for you.

What is this, Mark?