Google had a huge outage today. This tweet made me think.


Hey yes.

is that a drum roll, or just so unusual you thought you’d mention it?

cuz i kinda wondered if the period at the end of the sentence meant
you think
but then you stop
musta been a drum roll

it was a proper sentence unlike your unstructured ramble.

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i predict the cleveland indians will win every game next year
i predict i know nothing about baseball.
that’s a period
at the end of my sentence
right there
i predict 100 people will die from corona this year
ok i got that one wrong
course wrong ain’t the word for that
it’s called preening
look at me
i’m an epidemiologist comma two

the guvner and mayor of new york had some interesting comments about corona before the army overflow tents went up.
you’re in good company

yeah i didn’t think so
good night gracie

phht. Billy has a new name. New name, same junkie.

i think donnie had some interesting predictions about the corona virus
kinda like reggie’s

I did get that one wrong. Keep in mind, at the time I said that I think fewer than 100,000 Americans would die, the CDC was predicting no more than 60,000 would die. I was not alone in underestimating this.

According to that book, the number is 400,000, which I think is a nice even number for a trial run. The real pandemic should kill at least a third of the world, especially if it turns out they injected Ebola into their oversimplified virus.

no you weren’t that true
you pitched your tent with the easter miracle crowd
despite what scientists said
and you want us to keep that in mind
i thought i read you predicted 100 (one hundred) people

Incorrect. I said less than 100,000. What was your prediction at the time?

And no, it wasn’t “despite what the scientists said”. It was exactly in line with what scientists at the time were saying.

i think i remember predicting that i wasn’t an epidemiologist
you prolly changed it with your trusty-level decoder ring
but hey, you EARNED it
i got level 4 on donkey kong the other day

You’re quite irritating lately, Bill. I hope you get past this.

about lunch

you coulda said “google is out again”
like “the elevator in my building is out again”
or “the airline blah are down again and 4 million blah 6 hours blah”
what is it about this one that made you think?
and what did you think?
i am honestly curious.

you think you’re clever? You’re not.


I’m honestly not.

Bill, you seem to have decided that heckling everyone is of some value. Perhaps it is to you and if you get something out of that, nobody’s going to stop you. Others might not choose to interact much with you, which also might suit you. I don’t know. I can tell you I preferred the Bill of a few weeks ago who shared his stories about motorcycles and woodworking, but I don’t get to choose.