Good Sports Day

Doesn’t look like that’s going to change, either. Oilers are down 2-0.

That’s true. They’ve scored 1 goal in 2 games. I learned by watching the bruins series that you can’t win by scoring 0 goals. I could have told them that.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t choose to only score one goal in two games. lol.

@GregCarrsober has a lot to say on this but he’s unable to post publicly right now. I hope he gets that sorted. He’s emailing me his comments.

They must have watched too much soccer to think you can win by scoring 0 goals.

Team Canada will have a very good basketball team at the Olympics.

So we’ll only lose to the US by 30 points instead of 60?

Apparently, your center sucks. You have a top 5 player in the world, though.

Edmonton may have been able to take out the best player possibly for the series, so maybe not over.

I hope Edmonton wins, but not enough to watch a game, or even watch the highlights on Youtube. I’ll click if the CBC News feed says they won, though.

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yayy eurochampionships are starting today!

looks like there are plenty of countries with a chance to win…germany being at home, spain, italy, portugal even the belgians dutchies and brits lol but to me france looks the strongest and most likely to win

as long as those germans dont win it will be a succesful tournament :wink:

ah the scots vs germany tonight:

dont think they have much chance but good luck scots! or as they say “lang may yer lumm reek”

Doesn’t translate.

The Netherlands have a tough group, but that Poland striker is out.

No women’s euro?

Lots going on. Olympics coming up, too.

Celtics are up 3-0 in finals. Let’s go!!!

I didn’t know Euro 2024 was happening. I will follow it if stories about it show up in the BBAD news feed. Otherwise I will forget it is happening shortly.

I can’t remember an Olympics with less build-up than Paris. Perhaps the Japan Covid Olympics.

I didn’t know the NBA finals were on.

Oilers are down 3-0 in the Stanley Cup. Could be another 30 years before Canada wins. lol.

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yes with france, austria and poland we are probably in the toughest group

but… since we actually have a reasonable team this year and lewandowski is not playing the first game against us (but probably he will play in the rest of their games) we should do ok

also the new (old) rules are in effect; so best 2 of each group and also the best 4 in 3rd place qualify… so progressing to the next round should be easy

in summer 2025

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Germany is up 3-0 at the half and playing 11-10.

I hope the Dutch reach the finals and lose. That always amuses me.

yes excellent opening game! the germans were kind ending it in 5-1, scots were completely outclassed; had no chances at all (literally took a german to score for them lol)
musiala did very well, reminded me of a young mbappe!

lol to reach the semi final they probably need to beat a portugal, spain, italy or croatia… so unlikely to happen… reaching the final would be an amazing result!

spain vs croatia today should be fun