Good reads

I love the idea of a “book review” section on bbad, Gretchen-style.
However, IMHO, this doesn’t work like posting a music video, because no one will read a book in between browsing on bbad, so it has to be more or less like a content description (rather than a personal opinion) to “water some mouths”.

Edit: There is a nude black woman and a pyramid on the book cover above. This one is going great. Freemasonry? New world order propaganda? Judging by the cover chances are high I won’t read it.


I recently read George Orwell’s animal farm. European Union is soviet union all over again.
“meeehhh homo cucks good, WNs bad meeehhhh”
Here is a neat animation movie, its contents taken from the book.
Just look at the commisar pigs in Brussels and you know what I am talking about.

educated soldier makes the enemy cowar

After “Animal farm”, I have begun reading uncle Adolf’s book.
While reading it, it suddenly occured to me; shit. This guy reads like nazi-talk!!!

Mein Kampf is stupid, as was its author.

Just kidding!

Oh. Reg. That is an oversimplified notion.
There are very interesting observations in the book. Yet many contradictions. Even within the same page. Really a mixed bag.
For example:
“one cannot have a culture without a fixed territory. Okay, nomads (like you and me haha) can, but only if they work selflessly. Jews can’t do that. So they have no culture.”

He is getting confused with race and species all the time.

He is trying throw in some arguments of faith and a creator god, then reverts to hard-core Darwinism again.

  • He many times draws pretty weird, even obviously wrong or contradictive conclusions from valid points. weird

I agree with all of that, hence my comment, Mein Kampf is stupid, as was its author.

Have You read it? Or “have You only been told about it” as 99% of critics have?
To uncle’s excuse, some things he couldn’t predict. E.g. the problematic errection of an independant territory in these days as the islamic state observed.
Some other things, too, were only valid in his time.

So, we must put more emphasis into installing a nation without an own territory, e.g. like a nomadic nation.

I read it in English as mein Deutsch ist Scheiße. I don’t consider it equal to have only read it in English.

The crazy thing is, MANY of his accusations on “the jew”, communism and the Weimar times could have easily been dismissed with installing islam in Germany.

  • banning interests on money
  • banning speculations on goods without the intent to use them afterwards yourself
  • islamic banking
  • introducing sacrifices
  • glorification of warriorship
  • banning movies and most types of music
  • … e.t.c.

I admit it is amazing that the history of Zionist collusion with the Nazis hasn’t just been forgotten, it has been totally forbidden. Nobody is even allowed to talk about it anymore. That it is an undisputed and indisputable fact seems to be irrelevant these days.

Someone sent me an email yesterday and recommended I read this book. If the title is any indication, this book is going to be gross but I’m already intrigued by it all at page one.

Maybe this thread is more appropriate for book recommendations rather than reading experiences and techniques.