German music

(that might attract Gunda)
tak tak tak, tak tak tarrak
cuck cuck cuckooriiiiccooouuuu!

Just for relaxation
Is that guy singing in Japanese?! Or Bavarian?! Or both?
The only word I understand is Jodelmeister

I remember my accordeon lessons - and without wanting to be unthankful, as my parents let me learn an instrument - but I hated it. It was not so much the instrument itself, as I like to hear it‘s sound. It simply comes down to the music style it get‘s used for. And I got to play pieces my father liked and which I hated. That‘s why I barely trained the songs my teacher gave to me and instead mainly played old german folk songs like Kein schöner Land or Ännchen von Tharau. I still love them, but you barely find good and decent arrangements and performances. I like this one here, though.

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„Beim ersten Mal hören: mhm was ist das denn für ne scheiße?
Beim zweiten Mal hören: ist ja eigentlich ganz okay
Beim dritten Mal hören: CORDULA GRÜÜÜÜN“ :rofl:

I didn’t think Nena’s Liebe Ist could be improved on but this version by Steffi Mira is brilliant. Edited to add: I don’t know what kind of piano was used in this recording but it creates a stunning explosion of sound even before the orchestra kicks in. Amazing.

Edit: Nobody will ever improve on this Nena song, though, except perhaps Nena herself (this is her second version of this song).

A song to relax on.

What kind of VPN proxy do you use, Gundy? All your videos are flagged “nicht verfügbar”, not that I am complaining…
Are you posting White Power content lately?

Quietschboys - Gündä

had been the concert that included the most drunk driving I ever did afterwards in my youth. ALL were drunk because of GÜNDÄ!!! Coincidence? We woke up in a corn field near Gießen, thankfully without any damage but the car looked like shit.

Whenever I see the name GÜNDÄ, I always have to think about hard alcohol abuse.

lol. I like this better than Mey or Sting.

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Nice! But warning: Too much Gündä --can lead to–> abusive consumption of alcohol!

This is far more true than you will ever know. lol.

Interesting. I did not know that.

And with confirmation.

Booze…and a song. :thinking:

No wonder you both get along well. You both should marry, lol.

You should have another drink.
Just out of curiosity, what is it that you like to drink, Gunda?

I like nearly everything, except the strong stuff. I only once tried whiskey for example when having visited New York. Not my cup of tea. Never tried vodka yet. Nearly every evening I grant myself some alcohol-free beer or Radler (lemon shandy?)

Lemonade? You drink lemonade every evening?
What do you do for fun, Gunda?

Most times I have alcohol-free beer, but yes, sometimes a lemon-shandy. And my blood sugar is doing fine. I have fun being with my pets and having friends over. I love barbecues and swimming in the pool. And I like to play old-fashioned board and card games once every month.

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