Hi BBADers - it has certainly been a long time! I hope everyone is well? Not sure who visits these days but having a bit of a sticky through the forums I can see a few familiar handles in recent posts. Nearly fainted when I read that Reg had tied the knot. Congratulations Reg!!

I often think of the Zone days, the many personalities and the friendships made during that time. They were great days.

Best wishes to all,
Kim xxoo

Good morning, Kim. The resident sleepyhead doesn’t arise before 10:00 am. I’ll be your tour guide this evening. I don’t do doors, floors or windows. We have voyeurs for that.
Our resident chess pro is smoking the competition but he has me on ignore so I’ll not be able to summon him on command and the oldest but not wisest may be preparing to greet you with marmalade which should be respectfully rejected. Gunda, the only shred of sanity in existance here, pops in occasionally to share animal and music clips. Thinki is here when he’s not gone but then what is gone to one…
Some mystery German/Spanish, searching for his bride/searching for his God, stranger hangs out a little but not much that I have seen. I hope I didn’t forget anyone.
I don’t remember you by your name. Maybe by the name you went by in Park Bench.
Welcome to BBAD. New site est. May 2018.

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ah welcome back
lol yup the solitary outcast is now an old married elderly :wink:

nice to see you are still alive… doing well?

geez! iam not sure that you are allowed to even mention park bench if you dont remember kim…

shame on you! lol

grizlycajun is now here as well?!?!

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Howdy Kim and welcome back. Care for some marmalade?

Hi Michele. Thanks for the tour. I remember your user name from Zone however I’m not certain we were acquainted there. Miss_Poodles was my Zone name. :blush:

I didn’t say I didn’t remember Kim. I said I didn’t know her by name.

No, she doesn’t want any marmalade you weirdo!

I can’t say I remember that name. Were you a grizzly?

think! Glad to see you here. Still alive and doing OK. Hope you’re well :kissing_heart:

No, not a member of the grizzly club.

I’m not aware he was the park bench chess pro. I was talking about Dan.

Okay, well it’s nice to meet you.

Hi Moonie. Nice to see you. No marmalade for you!!

Thanks Michele. You too :blush:

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nice to hear you are doing ok, grizzlypoodle lol

iam always ok, its the rest of the world that is insane! :wink:

yes cajun is and will always be the best in the world (but only in his mind) :wink:

Kim! Hope you’re doing well. Yes, I’m old and boring now. :slight_smile:

Are you still in Mollymook? And still refusing to fly anywhere? lol.

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My God, you’re so jealous.

Sounds like a fierce competitor in the chess world lol

Don’t take the mark!!! Gene therapy “vaccines” might change DNA and thereby separate You from being saved by Jeshuah’s precious Adamic-men-saving blood - GAME OVER ETERNALLY!!!

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