Gay wedding cake

Looks like the bakery was found in their rights to not bake the cake. 7 to 2 was the supreme court vote. I wonder what would have happened to the bakery if they had lost. They are out of business already. I think I would have voted on the side of the bakery, even if I thought he was a bigot.

I don’t even want to know what a “gay wedding cake” is as a cake cannot be gay AFAIK.
But it sounds just as abominable as the Babylonial world we are living in.

I’m surprised by this but I agree. The guy is an ass but he has the right to be an ass imo.

It is not the cake that is gay, it is at least some of the celebrants consuming it. Presumably a short time after eating the cake, the two primary celebrants will engage in activities you would likely rather not think about.

There is a case in Colorado (might be the same baker). He is refusing to bake a cake for someone who has completed their sex change. What a dumb reason for a cake. Anyways, he is suing Colorado, as they are trying to force him to bake the cake.

As I have said before, with small businesses, I don’t care what the reason is that someone refuses to service someone. Race, of course makes it interesting. If he refused to serve blacks, it gets tricky because that could lead to crime. If he did, someone would probably burn his bakery down in the middle of the night, which wouldn’t be the worst thing. So , I guess if I thought his refusal would lead to crime, I would be against his right to refuse.

I would put my canoli, pumpkin date and blueberry lemon cakes up against this guy. I’m not good at decorating though. People don’t pay for things that aren’t pretty. Food included.

Why would you even mention race? People with personal, moral convictions are not going to deny service because of a persons race. Race is not a moral issue.

I defend the right of any artist (custom cake bakers included) to choose their clients for any reason whatsoever. If someone doesn’t want to play music at my wedding because my skin is brown, he should have that right.

On the other hand, if the cake is already baked and is sitting on a shelf for sale, I believe any business should be obligated to sell that cake to anyone regardless of their race or who they sleep with.

To me that’s not a fine line. It’s a clear and obvious distinction.

As long as you understand a person who denies service because of moral conviction does not deny service because of race. That would be a hate issue, not to be confused with a heart issue.

I mentioned race because if he refused to bake for a black man, that can cause a riot. Refusing here should not cause a riot. I’m not as firm on the former. Sometimes we need to sacrifice personal beliefs for the greater good, although in this case his personal beliefs would be that he was a bigot. I’m not sure I can explain it to you.

We have a different idea of a heart issue.

You should try to explain it because I can’t think of one reason worthy of sacrificing personal beliefs which is a heart issue.

His heart tells him not to bake for a transgender? Fuck his heart. “Heart issue” is too broad. You could use that excuse for anything. Which is why by law, it is probably necessary to support the “heart issue” of these businesses. What if his heart tells him black people shouldn’t be allowed to eat cake?

Michele, I know (online) many people who have deep moral convictions that mixing the races, not just sexually but even socially, leads to the destruction of society. I believe they are wrong, but I also believe Christians are wrong about a Jewish carpenter dying for their sins.

Do you agree or support his decision not to bake the cake for the transexual?

Not sure if that’s to me or Michele, but I support his right to refuse to bake that cake.

EDITED TO ADD: I also support my right to boycott him for doing that.

I agree on both. It’s to anybody. This is not a religious issue as much. This is not a wedding cake. This is a cake.

You support his decision but you think he deserves to be boycotted for his decision? Isn’t that the same thing as supporting the transsexual? Aren’t you sort of riding the fence here?

That entire paragraph is false from start to finish. True moral conviction comes from the Holy Spirit, Who convicts everyone the same. Mixing races sexually or socially is not destructive to society but mixing religious beliefs is extremely dangerous and may cause confusion within Marriage and families. If you are being taken in by that, Reg, you are just looking for a reason to reject Christ and now you found one. No wonder you don’t think He died for you. Someone came along and planted a wicked seed against Him.
Some people don’t believe they fit the narriative of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They believe that lie their entire life and die without knowing Truth because the Truth of His Sacrifice would be much more painful than the lie.

I don’t think I’m riding the fence. You might. I support freedom. I support this guy’s right to bake a cake for whoever he wants (or not), and I support my right to buy from whoever I want (or not).

You may believe your conviction comes from the Holy Spirit. I don’t. I think most Christians (yes, including you) believe whatever they want to believe and then lie to themselves about how the Bible supports their choices. This is the only possible way to explain Christian support for the lying, philandering, thieving, adulterous piece of human trash you currently have for a president.

I am not looking for a reason to reject Christ. I have had that reason for my entire adult life and it has not changed. I do not believe a man named Jesus Christ ever walked on the planet Earth. I do not believe there is any evidence that he ever existed aside from one book of apparent fiction that says so.

I realize you disagree and I have no issue with that. As I said above, I support freedom.

Oh I see! Now it’s all a lie because Christians voted for Trump.

If that’s what you take from what I wrote, I decline to debate it.