Gay wedding cake


Looks like the bakery was found in their rights to not bake the cake. 7 to 2 was the supreme court vote. I wonder what would have happened to the bakery if they had lost. They are out of business already. I think I would have voted on the side of the bakery, even if I thought he was a bigot.


I don’t even want to know what a “gay wedding cake” is as a cake cannot be gay AFAIK.
But it sounds just as abominable as the Babylonial world we are living in.


I’m surprised by this but I agree. The guy is an ass but he has the right to be an ass imo.


It is not the cake that is gay, it is at least some of the celebrants consuming it. Presumably a short time after eating the cake, the two primary celebrants will engage in activities you would likely rather not think about.