Garbage Problems In Hope BC Burned Out Trailers And Wrecked Cars. I

May 27th and 28th on Silver Skagit Rd. two vehicles were torched in the evening. It was on the front page of the Hope Standard newspaper I think it was the Info Wars guys trailer as I did not notice it when I drove on it yesterday. Info Wars guy says everyone in town thinks he is crazy his car is covered in Infowars stickers plus a few 50’s memorabilia ones he is a White male who uses a walker. Met him at the library a few times. The news story mentions no cause for the fires nor the one in Feb. at the Skagit Hotel that also made the front page. The street when you turn onto it has an abandoned camp ground whose replacement is across Silver Creek there are nice homes and homeless places and wrecked cars and RV’s there is a trailer that was torched in the last 3 months and the remains still there it is right by the Keep The Skagit Valley Clean sign that has been shot up by bullets. I was recently in the RCMP building after being arrested and was surprised when word for word one of the conversations was read back to me by a guy two different ppl told me was H.A. and who self identified as HAMC. The only people present at the cop shop were myself and uniformed RCMP and 2 female White civilian employees the younger one a good looker said I should move back to Richmond the officer who arrested me groaned and she was told to leave the room. When I was at the Silver Chalice to see Monkey Works a man in civilian clothes identifying as Officer Bernard was at the bar wearing cowboy boots he parked his way big White pickup truck next to my RV two spots away in the handicapped parking spot it had Alberta plates. On April 18 at 5:45 PM I had talked to an Officer Kennard by phone after calling the non emergency line. There used to be homeless ppl behind the library complexstrong text

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The homeless problem behind the library included a woman screaming about torching a persons house you would see ppl hanging around with red plastic garbage cans. One homeless person told me he heard gunshots there a few times I told the city about that and they finally closed it all down and the skateboarders returned to the skateboard park there. The handicapped spot at the Chalice that Officer Kennard parked at is far away from the front door strange place to put such a parking spot. When I can figure out how I will post a video of the garbage some of it. Found out yesterday that the road goes 44km to Ross Lake and the US border.

Ohh I should add that the ppl that introduced me to the H.A. guy I 86’d out of my life too bad as I attended there wedding 12 years ago and was present for his baptism but they no longer go to church and are smoking record amounts of pot and drinking record amounts and the friend who hangs around the most with them only has one tooth has not worked in 3 years killed a woman while drunk driving 2 years ago and I saw him grab a Buckshot beer out of their fridge and drink it at 9am. Hope they get it together she was the best thing to happen to him but you see her wedding photo compared to now the lines on the face.