I’m amazed we didn’t have a France topic. Well, we have one now. Conservatives are pulling ahead there.

That is the plan across the globe.

Nice frame.

The future in fireworks to combat climate change.

Drone shows are replacing fireworks. Much better. No pollution and less noise.

What a bunch of nonsense, Reg. If that’s the motive, why are those same elites that are changing our shows starting wars?

Michele, the switch to drone shows is not being masterminded by a cabal of world-controlling Jews. It is being done here and there as people realize that fireworks are pollutants.

So is converting office space in high rise buildings into residential space but I know that’s absurd and they won’t transform business districts into 15 minute cities. Oh, the stupid things I think about.

Actually, tons of office buildings are being converted. I think it’s great. Offices are so 20th century.

Sure, it’s great. That way everyone can be surveilled at the same time.

I am sure the government thinks this is funny since the citizens will be taxed against their will to clean it up.

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This is a good move. SUVs and trucks are nasty.

They are just trying to shame SUV owners into downsizing. I hope voters see through their scheme.

Not shame them. Harm them. It’s good. If you want to drive a giant pig of a vehicle, you should pay more, or perhaps be sent to a reeducation camp.

It is good to harm? What kind of backwards thinking did they teach you in college?

Michele, every fine imposed by every country for every reason is intended to cause a bit of harm. We discourage speeding and illegal parking by taking some of their money which harms people slightly. Discouraging excessive consumption by making it more expensive is nothing extraordinary. Consider the taxes we have on alcohol. Stop being a drama queen.

She must be against all SUVs. Sometimes the bigger ones get better gas mileage. All of the plugin hybrids are larger suvs. Rav4 gets as good mileage as the corolla cross.

Interesting. That wouldn’t go over well here, lol.

Even though New England is crowded, it’s not as crowded as Paris. We kind of have room for them. Except in some Boston burbs.

The key is the size. Driving huge SUVs on tiny roads is horrible for others to deal with.

The SUV either drives super slow because his vehicle is too big for the surroundings, or he drives too fast for his vehicle and its surroundings which is unsafe.

When he parks, he not only takes more than one parking space, he also sticks out into the main road which is a navigation hazard to the moving cars.

To me, increasing parking fines for illegally parked SUVs is an extremely mild response, and is far less than I would do to them.

Reg, every fine imposed by every country for every reason is intended to cause awareness. There really is something strangely backwards about your thinking.

It is made more expensive to profit. What is wrong with you?

After quick consideration, taxes are imposed on all alcohol. If you get pulled over for drinking and driving the officer isn’t going to ask you if you’re drinking wine or Vodka.

Stop trying to crown me.

I’ve owned one. They are difficult to park, gas guzzlers.

Then other drivers should stay off tiny roads.

Perhaps we could lobby our government to make wider roads for everyone to travel down.

What an excellent way to raise aware….I mean harm SUV owners, although I doubt that will concern them much.

What harmful thing would you do, Reg, and if you’re that passionate about such important climate changing issues, you should run, for president of your pristine country. I read somewhere that he’s running on 25% support.

There is nothing at all backwards about my thinking. I simply refuse to call something another word to make myself feel better. This is as simple as spanking a kid. You cause him pain to encourage him to associate that pain with his behaviour, and avoid that behaviour in the future. The spank is not intended to cause better behaviour (despite the cries of intellectually dishonest people who say it is). The spank is intended to cause pain. It is the hope that this pain will then result in improved behaviour in the future, but the spank is intended to cause pain. I don’t care if you need to call it something else to make yourself feel better.

No, then we should harm SUV owners with a small fine in the hope of improving their behaviour in the future.

Such an American. The thing some of you yanks don’t get is that the rest of the world finds your huge roads totally disgusting looking. The beautiful small streets of Europe are vastly better, more elegant, more charming and more conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Beyond that, these streets in Europe were built long before cars existed.

I have about as much chance of being elected Prime Minister of Canada as you do. Trudeau’s support is weak. I personally dislike him. That said, I prefer him to the alternatives so I will probably vote for him.