That never stopped you in the past but whatever.

This is completely untrue. Women do not spank their children to cause them pain. What an utterly nonsensical concept. Spankings are more painful for adults than for children. If a child darts out into the road, they are spanked so that they will associate the spanking with trouble to make them aware so they don’t walk into oncoming traffic. You don’t spank them to create pain so that they avoid roads altogether. That’s abuse and you create fear.

Good because I call it abuse and you an abusive person.

Then we should harm frequent fliers with small fines for vacation travel.

I’m not a yank. Yanks are stuffy northerners. And I don’t really care what the rest of the world thinks about our roads, highways or bridges as long as they stay in their lane. Pun intended.

They are probably filled with holes, too.

Yes they do. They then hope that pain will cause the child to not behave the same way, but pain is the intention. If it wasn’t, they would use feathers.

You are absurd. That’s not abusive, that’s just the truth.

To the rest of the world, all Americans are called yanks.

True. Most cobblestone streets are.

It all makes sense now. From the beginning African Muslims have been determined to exact revenge on the countries that they feel victimized by. While we think they are migrating for new life, in reality, they only migrated here to witness and/or participate in the destruction of France and the governments that invaded their country have deliberately hid this from citizens. Why? Because leadership in America and Europe are part of a worldwide club and we aren’t in it. That’s why Muslims are punching us in the face. They are sending a clear message through violence probably because they don’t know how to fight any other way and France is not going to judge them in court. France has had no choice but to call in help to control the situation on the ground there, although it wouldn’t surprise me if they never received adequate protection from the violence perpetrated on civilians.
America will have to call in the United Nations to stop the violence here, only they will probably take it to an extreme with us, murdering both illegal immigrant and citizen. That may be why the word “bloodbath” keeps getting tossed around in media word salads. I believe that was the plan from day 1. Make it as ugly as possible and then kill us.