Football and Bidets

So did you read my post about the word bias?

I may have glossed over it once. That doesn’t mean I’m going to use it proper.

That explains why you used it incorrectly once again.

No doubt! You learn fast.

You never learn nor have any interest in learning.

I’m trying to help you Michele.

If you get published I will gladly pay $7 for your book.

I blame it on my poor choice for an education.

That’s no excuse. You can still learn. Reading books instead of tweets is the best way.

I don’t even read tweets. I have to time to chase Trumps Tweets.

Thank you Michele. I always enjoy our morning chats.

So do I, Will.

I wonder where Dan went. He always runs away during chat sessions.

I went to yoga.

And costco.

You do yoga? What is Costco?

I’ve been doing yoga for almost 20 years.

Costco is like a Sam’s club or BJs.

Wow! Nice! No wonder you always look fit in your photos.

So what did you buy us at Costco?

You never said that about me.

I’m sorry, Will.
Clears throat*

No wonder you look…

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