Football and Bidets

Dan, did you see the game? Was it historic? lol
I found it extremely boring and difficult to watch. I didn’t know Philadelphia had fallen so far.

Which game was that?

Philadelaphia vs Cleveland

Was that last night? Its preseason so it doesn’t mean much, but football is getting more boring. Minnesota and new Orleans should be good this year. If they didn’t invent fantasy football, the NFL would be dead.


I look forward to this!

OU 30
Texas 27

Oh Lord, let it be this close!

Do you all know what today is!

These two posts somehow go together.

Drink it or wear it?
I love the thought of recycling paper. I fear it may leak out tho.

Did I mention what today is

Where is the game? I assume you are playing texas.

It’s always in Texas.
Biggest game of the year, even over the championship. If my guests don’t leave soon I’m going to miss the first half.

Always in Texas? Isn’t that a little unfair? You’ll probably lose, then.

The entire northeast is terrible at college football and basketball. I’m glad about that lol. Most of those coaches make way too much money.

So do Professors in highfalutin colleges.

I figured you’d value football over eduation.

And I know how much you support bias indoctrination over fair competition.

Are you referring to liberty university or trump university?

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Our highest paid public employee is the president of unh. He makes 110000 a year. I’m guessing you don’t like paying taxes so I’m surprised you don’t mind paying 7 million dollars to a football coach.

Vegas coming through for plastic surgery.

If the going rate for a lousy bias education is 110,000, I have no problem paying taxes to fund that, Dan.
If the going rate for a football coach is 7 million, why are you complaining about it now? They pay scale for sports and academics was set long ago.

I’m not complaining. You’re the one that has to pay it. I’d complain if I lived in Louisiana, Alabama or Oklahoma.