Finally understandable to me: LEFT wing people


So true. I learned on the way so far that it won’t be a very stable, very sane woman that I am looking for, but rather a hurt desolate wreck desperately seeking a similar way, who I can go in tune with.

Good night!


I am Germany’s Tichel Unicorn Hunter Number 1!
Believe it or not, I learned to know another Tichel-wearing messianic Christian woman (former muslim).
She is stained (but only one child yet), but so am I.
We had in-depth talks but decided to not let it go any further, likely to go on separate ways.
Experiences are becoming more intense by the month. I literally can feel the struggle between the forces of god and Satan, abusing human’s free will.

I might withdraw and dedicate myself to the spiritual battle exclusively starting tonight.

Despite of the delay, I am hitting again direction Baltic sea tonight. Last car fixes done. Same Daniel, same bagpack but a completely new crowd. I am on adrenaline 100%. I am fully loaded!! If this is my way, YHWH, then keep guiding me with light beacons!
YHWH, use me as your tool as you are pleased!!!
YHWH, keep pushing forth, plz!!!

Gotta have some tunes that push me even further!!

Rebel against Rebellion as Terror against Tyranny.

This war is not over- not by a long! This war is still ongoing!


So, are we all going MGTOW now?

Sort of, huh?

However the alt-right is right about MGTOW. Many of them quite suit into the anti-family, pro-abortion, pro “pump and dump” teachings of 68’s movement and marxism which I detest. As long as there is a stable state of affairs, many women tend to be rather married to gov than to men.