Fight TRANSfats - Bathtub Barbecue


You have 100 pounds of unhealthy chicken skin to lose on your own, by yourself. A turtleneck wouldn’t even hide the truth.
Abstain from sex.


Not o.k. Reggie. Not o.k. to put fat on me. Not o.k. to say I’m that stuff or I like your air.


Perhaps you should try orgasmic wine, Mark. I hear the heat from the alcohol on the skin creates blackout pressure causing the skin to fall off. Exposing the most tender part of the flesh. Good luck! :wilted_flower:


I’m not quite sure you’re up on the way the body works Mark.


That’s witchcraft. Very poor substitue for true health and vitality. Trust me he turned to it in his impotence.


I recommend you rub pork belly on your butthole, stick a candle in it and light it. This will ward off all evil spirits.


That’s not going to break any vegetable curse here or more importantly any turd curse. Reggie used a trans fat rich turd for sex and now his entire body has had them forced everywhere. What kind of sex or hope of itis possibly remaining now?


How did you know, Mark? Have you been talking to Isa?


One thing I know easy from experience of having put so many to humiliating defeat is a warlock.


Then your candle isn 't thick enough. For you I recommend a candle diameter of 3 inches.


How is that any better than the salami in the leg?


Wow! I wish you had deleted all of it sooner because as usual with your posts, all I see is you spewing shit from your mouth. Now I’m going to go throw up. Thanks for that, Mark!


A lot of things can be microwaved. All I have is a microwave at my small place. I microwave raw items or not at all.


I deleted my posts that were hurting Reggie’s reputation. I also deleted some pics I posted on demand and my commentary so this thread may not seem to make sense. I really do not like how ugly this turned.

You do not nor will ever understand my health or my body.


Let me represent myself. Do not represent me as another person or one of your personal issues or weaknesses.

You never existed as my density.


Please do represent yourself. Tell me about your body, Mark. It does seem to define you.