Fight TRANSfats - Bathtub Barbecue


I don’t think they come after you for cheating on a diet, jc ww or any other. They didn’t come after me with my deal a meal cards.


I wasn’t cheating on a diet lol


It was tire weight


What are deal a meal cards?


I was referring to jenny craig, weight watchers, and richard simmons systems.
I did have an fbi card. I should have laminated it. It authorized me as a female body inspector and guaranteed me one free inspection of any female presented to.




I added “presented to”.


I can’t be Reggie’s friend. I can’t stand the guy telling me anything about eating, food, nutrition, and especially about weight.


You need to put clothes on before you post another picture.


I totally get where you’re coming from, Mark. And if you’re ready, it’s time to do something about it. But no one is going to make you.


Talk muscle to me or don’t talk to me at all. You make zero sense to me.


Do something about what?


Here ya go:


Muscle? Ok! Truthfully, it appears you have muscle and a lot of it but the fat that you projectile from your mouth has it covered and it smell really bad from here.

Was there enough vomit in that paragraph for you to lap up?

Clearly, you are not ready!


I don’t believe I have ever done or said anything to you to make you think , even for a minute, your weight makes me any difference. But if you are going to retain the weight, keep your clothes on. I’m not trying to be rude or insulting but that’s just the way it is.


Ok fine, but you are the problem alcoholic and smoker in poor health that is lacking in eating discipline and exercise. You are also a drug addict and current user. All of this contributes to your schizophrenia.

None of the above applies to me so stop trying to get me in trouble for your bad habits and poor mental and physical health.


I agree that I have mental issues and you should red flag that but I don’t believe I have a drinking problem at all. I do not smoke cigarettes and I believe you would be surprised how disciplined my eating habits really are. Having said that, I am so sorry to say but I will tell you straight up that nothing you could ever say to me would make me want to give you even 5 more minutes of my precious time.


But what would sex be without chicken skin?


Mark, you don’t have to lose 100lb for me. Nobody does. I don’t think it’s healthy to be overweight but I don’t go around telling people how to live. Now, if you’re going to post food, I will comment as I please even if that means telling you I think the food is fattening and unhealthy.


Your sex is fattening and unhealthy. Why can’t you just dropthe 100 pounds of unhealthy and disgusting chicken skin?