Some feminists singing. Seriously. No sarcasm.

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Oh yeah. Where can I get the CD?

Wow! They sound like men celebrating their God-given superiority over women.

1 Corinthians 11:3 ESV

But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.

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I wonder if women must acknowledge a husbands authority if a husband pretends Christ has no authority. :thinking: My guess is “no”. Why should any woman have to acknowledge it? If man has authority over woman, it is his responsibility to lead by example so that she follows suit.
No, when men abandon Christ, women lead from behind until women take the lead from men and his every idiotic opinion becomes moot.

The Bible doesn’t say “unless the man is not Christian”. You’re making stuff up to suit your preferences.

That is the way of the christian.

You know, in other times I’d had considered this to be sick and bizarre to say the least. A bunch of incel women growling worse than Gunda’s dog.
However in the godless times we live in I’d say: “innovative”. I enjoyed it. Still less satanic and more sane in comparison to the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel opening…

Ok that was seriously weird.

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It was a theory, in infancy!

I agree, Danial! It was an entertaining video and would have been perfect sans the wedding.

My daughter is going to Paris, Germany and Switzerland next month. Do you have sound advice I should convey to her before she leaves?

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I’d be careful as hell with the tense situation in France and especially Paris. A lot of clash of the cultures there and lots of frustration with their situation and their president. I mean violent frustration. Be safe getting in and out of Paris.
Germany and Switzerland should be fun. If she already makes her way from France to Germany and given she is interested in history I’d suggest a visit to Verdun, northern France. The region where WW 1 mostly happened packed with history all over the place (bunkers, tunnels, woods full of ammo, bomb craters, graves, catacombs). The city of Verdun is a relaxed and neat place these days, too, with friendly folks living there and pretty laid back, a starch contrast to the tense multi-cultural jungle adventure :wink: of Paris.

I could stay there for weeks hiking and digging through the woods and tunnels full of recent history if only I had more time…don’t go into the catacombs alone or underequipped, many are in bad shape and we have seen some collapsing over a just few years first hand. Good flashlights are mandatory and ropes and a person remaining on the outside of the catacombs for emergency calls suggested of you REALLY want to go deep into those “acces interdit” ones :wink: :wink: .


Nice post, Daniel.

Also this (unrelated but on topic):

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I thought, “this can’t be real”. I googled. It’s real.

I just ripped a thunderous boomer.


I now regret it. It caused a panic of women running down the street screaming and covering their crotches.

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And slipping and sliding on the tears of those who ran before them.

Saves time in high traffic areas such as densely populated cities.

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