Feminism Women Rights

The last few days the topic of feminism was prominent in the media. It happened, that I watched a documentation about German women in politics in particular. I was baffled. If I hear anyone claiming the old times were better for women in any way, I suggest to watch that documentation which showed speeches by the highest ranked male politicians regarding their female parliamentarians. I felt ashame for those men and angry that they got a nice living on the tax payers money.

And yesterday I have seen a man in his twenties physically attack either his sister or girlfriend, for that she sank down. He then went away towards a building. So I stopped on my bycicle and asked if she needs help or the police. She cried but said no, got up in pain and started to run after him. Guess only he had the keys to get into the building and private rooms. Or a child or pet, or whatever she cared for. I was angry I didn‘t at least offer her my phone number, but I guess she wouldn’t have taken it in the upcoming panic she seem to have. I watched her running even when she wasn‘t seen anymore and just thanked God I am single. I wished her to become independent soon, both mentally as well as financially. The latter I consider even more important, as this is the basic for being able to choose. Then I thanked the mighty pumpkin again for the luck to have been born here and in this time.

Feminism is still needed and will be needed forever, as many men abuse their financial and/or physical power.

And btw., today I watched a documentation about the first Spanish female brewmaster and successful entrepreneur. She said, that brewing beer originally was the task of women, as women were also responsible for brewing beer for their family in Spanish history. Only when it became a business, men took over and women still brewing beer were called witches and some even had to die. This reminded me on a different report I watched on tv ages ago about some African tribes. Striking was, that the men always were responsible for the things which most money was made of. When it were the cows, then men only were allowed to deal with them. In another tribe, the women were in duty for the cows and hence capable of doing this task, because the men had financially an even more profitable task.

Fact is, women always worked, not just men. But most men didn‘t want to share the power.

I actually agree with most of this. It is good that women can choose. It just also means that breeding will stop and we will need a new system for the human race to survive.

Well, money is the motor for everything in any human society on our planet. Just not when it comes to women and children. There, society suddenly has no money.

Society has never bred. Humans breed. Individuals. Never in the million years of human history have governments successfully involved themselves in the funding of breeding.

The Nazis tried with Lebensborn but they didn’t last long enough for us to know what the results would’ve been. I’m sure there must have been other small efforts. No large-scale successful efforts, though, at least not that I am aware of.

You are right, though. Society will soon have to cough up some cash here. Women will have to be incentivized to have children with large sums of money, or some other such mechanism, or the species will die.

I’m starting to care less about that latter possibility these days.

That‘s wrong. Children weren‘t born because their parents or society loved children so much, but because children fulfilled certain functions for them. Only children guaranteed cheap help at home and the fields. Children provided for their parents when parents couldn‘t due to sickness or age. And they meant to have an heir. Children guaranteed economic and military growth and power. And for their religion children meant growth and hence power as well. That‘s why they oppose abortion.

So why not adjust the incentives, as the incentives in the past became less effective today?

What’s wrong? “Never in the million years of human history have governments successfully involved themselves in the funding of breeding.” is wrong? Give me an example, then.

Most religions oppose abortion even for those of other religions. Many/most Christians today oppose abortion for Muslims, which is quite silly as Muslims are growing at an absurd rate.

Yes, we should and we must, but I doubt we will. At least not in today’s politically correct environment.

We should pay $30,000 to every married couple with IQs over 100 who have a living child, and then $1000/mo/child until the child is 19, assuming the child lives with the parents of course. In cases of divorce, give the monthly money to the parent who gets custody.

We will never do it, however. To do that would admit that hetero marriages are more valuable to the human race than non-hetero marriages, and that women who can give birth are more valuable than “women” who can’t.