Feed Down

ah anonymous lol

and its back up again :wink:

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Simple DDOS attacks. I used to live in terror of DDOS when I owned my data center but the world has evolved since then. I don’t know the tech used by the RT site but I know I really like some of the new decentralized stuff coming out like Gatsby and Hugo. A simple DNS round robin and a few mirrors make you effectively immune to DDOS these days.

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he allegedly exposed his genitalia without provocation

i need to be provoked
or i won’t expose my what-nots

RT is back with important stuff

You’re absolutely right. RT is reporting that Biden is deploying troops to save the trafficking ring.

They should have putin and zelensky play chess to settle this thing. Pretty important game I guess.

u r banal

hitler couldn’t save her
sherri papini got arrested

It is amusing that, in the middle of a war with a thousand hacker and DDOS attacks a day against it, the RT news feed remains more stable than the PBS feed.

it’s amusing that sherri papine got arrested
it’s hilarious that reggie sponsors a dying website

one i know is oak
one i think might be pork
don’t know wasn’t there

CBC’s news feed has been down for about a 12 hours. If it is still down tomorrow, I’ll investigate.

lol. It’s already back up. All is well with the world.

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CBC has been up and down for a week. I’m not going to take any action for now. It would take a lot for me to ever replace the CBC feed.