Feed Down

The BBC news feed is down. These usually come back within a day. If it stays down, I’ll find out where the new feed is and fix it. If the BBC has stopped doing RSS news feeds entirely, I’ll have to replace it.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth:I hope it hasn’t been censored :slight_smile:

You sound like a caring farmer with a big beautiful cow.

They’re back.

You’re not a mind reader, Mark. I love on 40 acres with about 30 head of cattle. I can drive a tractor. And if it won’t start, I throw square bales. And if you give me a sledge hammer and a pair of gloves, I can do all those things men do. And if a cow breaks lose, I can build a makeshift fence.

I made no reference to polygamy.

Different kinds of beef in different parts of the world. Cattle even make different sounds. Moo vs. Mow etc.

Do you wear a mask?


Why do you ask? Are you selling masks?

Looks like the DW feed is down. I will do nothing for at least a day or two. If it doesn’t come back, I’ll find an alternative.


These guys have an RSS feed. lol.

lol yes with very important articles:

Honestly, I’d prefer reading some of that fluff these days. The world is depressing and I’m becoming a bitter old man over it. Perhaps I’ll take another day in the near future and do a news page with all kinds of stupid RSS feeds.

EDIT: Or not. Probably a stupid idea.

No Feed! That’s an awful hard gut punch to BigMoo!

And DW is back. Doing nothing is often the correct course of action.

Open that mouth BigMoo!

shut yours Silky

Silkys big fucking mouth

Why is Silky allowed to post nonsense?