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Ok done. CNS is China News Service, a state-owned propaganda wing of the government. The articles there are presumably largely fiction. Everything there should be taken with a grain of salt.

So pretty much the same as PBS, CBC, BBC, DW and RT.

I had a preference, with an RSS feed. A preference I made known days ago. Unfortunately, you couldn’t take it with a grain of salt so it probably doesn’t blend well with your other feeds.

CNS fits better. All the others are national broadcasters, or as close to such as their nation has. They are also all many times the size of OAN. The US is already represented by PBS. It’s good to have a Chinese perspective.

yay park bench is returning with an upgrade… on my way back to msn gaming zone!

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Unfortunately, not my choice but I’m not one of the Americans that gets a choice. I’m sure someone will find use for your Chinese choice.

It used to be CNN, Michele. At least PBS is better than them.

Anything is better than CNN so you win. PBS it is.


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Al Jazeera is back! Sorry CNS, you were boring. We used you and have already forgotten you.

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Continue to ignore OANN. The articles wouldn’t qualify as lengthy enough for your reading needs.


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The DW feed has been flaky for a few days. I hope I don’t have to replace it as I quite value it.

The RT feed is down, presumably having something to do with the site being blocked from different places. The main RT site is also down. I’ll monitor it. Wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t come back.

It’s back.


what does rt mean???

russia today
its down again

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