Favourite Religious Songs and Music

The WBC - Jesus hates proud sinners

Cool embedded mp3 player, but I guess WBC got some protection.

The Twelve Tribes - He is coming again


let’s see whether those got some copy protection on their site…
Edit: no, this is playable! Great!!!

When you see the abomination of desolation
which D.a.n.i.e.l. spoke of in the holy place
flee judea and don’t stop for earthly treasure,
look to the clouds, Jeshuah comes as king!

What copy protection are you talking about? I hear this WBC song fine.

Sorry, seems they merely have a download limit. A total one (not IP-based). Limited church service :wink:
Isn’t there a BTC wallet for “church service enhancement”? Damn those aren’t the brightest.

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milk blood to keep from running out

It’s not as brilliant as Athenas above, but it’s nice.

I may have posted this before. Can’t remember. It bears repeating. Breathtaking.