Favorite TV Shows

They canceled the midnight club after 1 season despite 87% on rotten tomatoes. Mike flanagan has a contract with amazon and is done with netflix.

I’m still only on episode 4 of 1899. I slept 12 hours Friday into Saturday and 8 hours last night. I guess I was a little behind.

They just announced on netflix that they will not support a second season of 1899. Unfortunately, I watched the whole season. I will say the dialogue was not good because you had 6 languages talking to each other, so they talked to each other like they were 6 years old. It was still good, bur no point in watching it. It was unfinished.

Doesn’t that just drive you crazy lol. The same thing happened back when I was watching The Tudor’s.

Raised by wolves and westworld are coming back.

Picard Season 3. I will complain about it but will watch every episode.

Season 3 comes out March 15th.

Top 3 comedy of the last 10 years. Maybe top 2.

yayy football is life! na na nana naana na na na na na dani rojas

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Just watched Picard Season 3 Episode 1. It was stupid but I loved it. I think it’s an addiction.

lol yes probably pure nostalgia, i saw it last night and enjoyed it :wink:

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I continue to be amazed at how sexy Jeri Ryan is in her 50s.

Episode 2 sucked. Worf at the end was cool though.

It was ok. Not amazing. Certain parts were terrific. I would say it was not scary.

episode 3 was a little bit better… the silly space portals were a bit too much though lol

I forgot to watch it. I might do that today. Isa will watch the UFC fights so I should have several hours with nothing to do.

I watched it. I am not enjoying this season much. I will watch it until the end, anyway, though.

Picard is getting old. It’s somewhat fun but not really. It’s probably me. I’m getting old, too.

Just watched episode 5. It was better. Perhaps there’s hope for the series. And for me.

i finally caught up and i episode 6 was even better!
the whole (very lol) old gang back together :wink:

I’ve had episode 6 on my computer at home for a few days but haven’t had the desire to watch it, yet. lol. I will soon enough, but I am glad this is the last season. I’m so done.