Favorite TV Shows


Ok, I admit it, for the first time in 25 years I’m addicted to a TV show. It’s a Colombian show called Desafio Super Humanos (Super Human Challenge) and it is stupid but I love it. Thankfully it will only last a few more weeks before the winner is crowned and then I can return to hating TV.


I only watch one show at a time and that usually means 1 or 2 hours a week. I’m way behind everyone else. I’m into American ninja warrior now. I bet I would have been good at it 10 years ago. Maybe 5. Only 1 episode left. Ninjas have improved over the years.


I’m watching serena williams. She’s crushing her opponent in the semifinals of the us open. I hope she can win another major post baby. She was close at the French open. She’s my favorite athlete. Of all time. Not only is she the best female tennis athlete of all time, but has to be considered amongst the greatest athletes of all time. It’s weird. She’s almost underrated.


In the final she’s going to play a young Japanese girl named Naomi Osaka who I’ve never heard of (which isn’t surprising as I’m not sure I can name a single active tennis player other than Serena Williams). I hope Serena wins. I can’t remember how close she is to breaking Margaret Court’s record but I hope she does.


Camila won today’s desafio, beating two strong men. I didn’t think it possible.


She is 1 behind Court. Court seems like a rotten person. It would be nice if she breaks it next year.


Roy Moore is suing sacha baron Cohen. He should probably pay for his hotel and flight and that should be the end of it.


73 million dollars. I think something more like 2000 would be better. Unless he was already comped for flight and hotel and car.


Well, that didn’t go well.